Jul 122017
Younis Khan addressing a ceremony in Karachi

KARACHI: Former cricketer and Test captain Younis khan on Wednesday announced to put up his 10,000 test run milestone bat on auction and gave it to an NGO for the purpose.

Addressing a ceremony held by the NGO here, the veteran batsman requested the government to not levy tax on the one million Pride of Performance award given by the government recently, as he plans to give half the amount to Edhi Foundation and the rest to other welfare organisations.

Younis also announced plans to continue working with various organisations and brands for welfare work, including health, education and promoting cricket in the country.

Answering a question whether he would join any political party in future, he said politics is not his domain and he plans to work with everyone. He also rebutted previous media reports claiming the cricketer plans to join Awami National Party.

“I consider all parties as mine and the entire Pakistan is mine. Why should I join one party and restrict myself to it,” said the cricketer.

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