Sep 012017

Karachi is the most populated city of Pakistan and it is also the city that is currently facing a large number of problems, including sewerage problems, security problems and environmental problems. The recent heavy rains in the city affected the lives of so many people. Because of lack of proper sewerage system in the city, rainwater wasn’t drained. The standing water has created difficulties for the people. In addition, the supply of electricity in many areas has also disrupted because of rainfall. Various rain-related accidents have resulted in the death of around eight people.

The KMC and the government of Sindh need to devise policies to solve the sewerage problems of Karachi as early as possible as sewerage problem exists almost in all areas of the city.

Ubaid Zehri (Khuzdar)



According to the Met department, heavy rain in Karachi will continue till today. Citizens are advised to stay safe and away from electric poles, exposed wires and flooded roads. These rains always bring massive destruction and havoc to this metropolis.

It is hoped that the people will celebrate Eid without any news of casualties, reports of deaths and severe injuries..

Ramish-ur-Rehman (Karachi)

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