Aug 062017

This refers to the Ayesha Gulalai-Imran Khan issue that is being discussed by almost all segments of society. The MNA has levelled some serious allegations against PTI Chief Imran Khan. The matter could have been laid to rest by a simple statement by the PTI Chief requesting the Assembly speaker to form a committee and open an inquiry into the matter, including the issue of alleged corruption by the chief minister of KP. This could have been enough. However, what happened was counter-attack by PTI supporters and workers. The manner in which the party is handling the case has brought bad image to the party. Imran Khan seriously needs to review his strategies.

People might praise IK for struggling against corruption, but might not forgive him for opening a door of allegations, false claims, foul language and disrespect for women into politics. It is a shame for the entire nation to see that politics has now reduced to mudslinging. Instead of discussing constructive projects and policies to take this country forward, suggesting measures for fighting terrorism, coming up with programmes to engage the untapped potential of the youth, politics in our country have been reduced to assassinating the character of a woman who dared to speak up.

Sheeba Ajmal (Peshawar)

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