Oct 102017

This refers to the letter, ‘Good old days’ (Oct 9), by Zahid A Khan. The writer highlights the sad state of Pakistan Post while talking about the number of mailboxes that have been uninstalled from all over country. Here in London, large mailboxes are installed on almost every street’s corner. These boxes have two slots with a clear notice written on each of them. One slot is used for sending local posts – preferably by residents in the vicinity – and the other slot is used to send post to rest of the UK and overseas.

If a letter is posted before 9 AM to any part of London, it is received the same day within three hours and without any extra fee. A letter posted anywhere else in the UK is guaranteed to reach its destination within 24 hours. On the other hand, the postal system in Pakistan is almost nonexistent. The system that was inherited in 1947 was the same as the one operational in the UK, but in Pakistan the system has disappeared into the thin air.

Asad A Khan (London)

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