Jun 062013
Huge collection of wedding photos of showbiz celebrities; actors, actresses, models and singers.
Abdullah Ejaz Wedding Photo

Mikaal Zulfiqar Wedding Photo

Adnan Siddiqui Wedding Photo

Ali Haider Wedding Photos

Ali Haider

Ali Sikandar Wedding Photos

Ali Sikandar

Ali Zafar with his wife

Ali Zafar Wedding

Aliya Imam Wedding Picture

Amina Shaikh and Mohib Mirza Wedding

Wedding of Singer Annie with Malik Noureed

Azfar Ali and Naveen Waqar Wedding

Erum Tahir Wedding

Faakhir Wedding Photo

Fahad Mustafa Wedding Photo

Fawad Khan Wedding

Fiza Ali with her husband

Ahmad Butt and Humaira Arshad Wedding

Ch. Pervez Ellahi and Khalid Maqbool on wedding of Ibrar ul Haq

Jaalay Sarhadi

Javairia and Saud Wedding Photos

Jawad Ahmad Wedding

Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi Wedding Photo

Maani and Hira Wedding

Actor and Model Mikaal Zulfiqar Wedding Photos

Maani and Hira

Moamar Rana

Abdullah Ejaz and his wife

Model Nazia Hassan on his Rasm-e-Hina

Nadia Khan

Nida Yasir Wedding

Qaisar Khan Nizamani Wedding with Fazeela Qazi

Actress Sadia Imam Wedding

Actress Sana Wedding with Fakhar Imam

Actor Shamyl Khan Wedding Photos

Shehzad Roy Wedding

Sunitta Marshal Wedding Photos

Actress Tehreem Zubairi Wedding Photos

Vaneeza Ahmed 

Javairia Saud

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