May 212015

MUMBAI: About 15 minutes after applying for a job at a multinational company in Mumbai, MBA graduate Zeshan Ali Khan received a reply that left him in utter disbelief: “We regret to inform you that we hire only non-Muslim candidates.” 

Khan along with two of his non-Muslim friends applied for a marketing job with a multinational exports company, Hare Krishna Exports.


However, while Khan failed to get the job, Mukund Mani and Omkar Bansode got the desired positions at the company but refused to join to protest against what they saw as religious discrimination.


In an interview with NDTV, Khan described his reaction and said “I was shocked. I took a screenshot and posted it on social media… Activists from across the country said I should go to the police and file a case of religious discrimination.”

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After the screenshot circulated swiftly on social media, Khan received another email from the company expressing ‘regret’ for the erroneous reply to the job application, further stating that “The Human Resource trainee who denied job to Zeshan Khan has been suspended.”

This article originally appeared on NDTV

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