May 262017

Skardu International Airport is one of the country’s largest airports. But the airport is not being fully utilised. Since Skardu is a favourite tourist spot, many international flights arrive at the airport. However, a large number of flights are usually cancelled because of bad weather. The city is a centre for tourism. If direct flights to Skardu are not available, many international tourists will avoid visiting the place.

Some years back, it was proposed to install an instrument landing system – a system that provides the pilot with guidance when landing in low visibility. Although the government accepted the proposal, the system wasn’t installed. It is high time the government took steps to resolve this problem. This way, the city’s tourism sector will grow as well. More international tourists will bring more revenue to the country.

Shakir H Shamim



Is it an offence to put forward the demands of citizens in front of an elected government? In our country, when protesters put forward their just demands, they are arrested by the police.

Residents of Skardu have been demanding the reconstruction of the Gilgit-Skardu Road for a long time, but the authorities haven’t taken any action to date. People face great difficulty while travelling on the road. The GB government should work to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

Muhammad Kamran


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