Dec 192017

In recent months, the chikungunya epidemic has spread in Balochistan and has become the source of serious health problems. According to some estimates, 382 cases of chikungunya have been reported in Gwadar, 161 cases in Jiwani and 141 cases in Pasni. These areas are situated at a close proximity to each other. Therefore, chikungunya has spread across these regions. However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that other parts of the province can also be affected by this epidemic.

In Turbat, only a few cases of chikungunya have been reported. But the problem is likely to surface as a person has recently lost his life due to this epidemic. No deaths were reported from chikungunya in other parts of Balochistan. As a result, the case that has surfaced from Turbat proves that the viral disease can prove to be fatal. The driving force for the chikungunya epidemic in the province is poor sanitation, the dearth of water storage facilities, open gutter lines and the lack of public awareness. The citizens of the affected areas of Balochistan have requested the government to take precautions to protect them. However, nothing has been done to eradicate chikungunya. The impact of this disease can be excruciating as it can affect a large segment of the population. The health authorities should build awareness about this viral disease and protect people at all costs.

Sana Jan


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