Jun 022017

This refers to the letter, ‘From waste to power’ (Jun 1), by Muhammad Ibrahim. The writer has explained in depth how the trash generated in Pakistan could be used to produce electricity which is already in short supply. In Pakistan, Karachi alone generates more than 12,000 tonnes of garbage on a daily basis. This trash is taken to landfills in the most unprofessional manner and burnt recklessly over there. Why can the authorities not recycle garbage in an organised manner and generate electricity? Many people are suggesting that utilising trash to generate power can be a good step since it will not only meet the electricity demand but it will also help the city deal with the garbage problem. However, the concerned authorities are not paying attention to these recommendations.

What to speak of generating electricity, the concerned authorities cannot even transport garbage to the nodal points of the cities and then transport the same to various locations outside the cities to burn it in incinerators. This process has been suggested a while ago but the authorities didn’t take any action. For collection of garbage, we have to get the help of China. Do we really need foreign help for the city’s solid waste management? What a shame. Other countries are trying to find out how they can provide best services to their people, but our country hasn’t provided even basic necessities, including water, electricity, healthcare, education, to its citizens. The suggestion of generating power from trash is good but the question is: Who will do it?

Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan


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