Jun 282017

A number of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) domestic and international flights remained disturbed facing diversions and delays due to unfavourable weather conditions for flying across the country.

“However, PIA facilitated passengers during the delays and tried to operate flights upon clearance from Metrological departments’ advice,” PIA Spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar said in a statement.

Heavy snowfall disrupts life in G-B’s Ghizer Valley

Flights especially in the northern parts of the country were mostly disturbed.

Following flights remained disturbed and were delayed: PK301 Islamabad to Karachi, PK702 Manchester to Islamabad, PK745 Sialkot to Jeddah, PK760 Jeddah to Sialkot, PK751 Lahore to Oslo, PK752 Oslo to Lahore, PK247 Lahore to Damam, PK248 Dammam to Lahore, PK204 Dubai to Lahore, PK583 Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan, PK536 Karachi to Sukkur, PK537 S Summit to Karachi, PK307 Lahore to Karachi, PK713 Islamabad to Madina, PK714 Medina to Islamabad, PK313 Lahore to Karachi, PK451 Islamabad to Skardu, PK452 Skardu to Islamabad, PK652 Lahore to Islamabad, PK270 Lahore to Delhi, PK271 Delhi to Lahore, PK607 Islamabad to Gilgit and PK608 Gilgit to Islamabad.

According to the statement, PIA apologised to its passengers for the inconvenience.

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