Jun 122017

The recent unrest in the Middle East is a cause of concern for the entire Muslim world. The Middle East is already burning with the flames of war and the Qatar crisis will further aggravate the situation. It is shocking that Saudi Arabia has severed all diplomatic ties with Qatar on the grounds that the latter is involved in financing and abetting terrorism and extremism in the region. This rift among the Arab states will encourage those forces that want to disrupt the harmony and tranquillity of the Muslim world.

Neutral Islamic states like Pakistan, Turkey and Kuwait must play their role to diffuse the tensed situation. Since Pakistan enjoys close ties with both Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the country needs to be careful. Instead of supporting any country, it should help bridge the gap through diplomatic channels. Undoubtedly, Pakistan has already paid a heavy price by interfering in the Afghan war. If it jumps into the current ugly fight, it will put itself in political turmoil. The best option for Pakistan is to remain neutral and try to bring the two countries to a negotiating table for the peaceful resolution of the issue.

Muhammad Fayyaz


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