Oct 102017

This refers to the letter, ‘Life without power’ (Oct 10), by Muhammad Usman. The writer has highlighted the plight of a majority of residents. It is true that persistent loadshedding has taken a toll on the lives of the people. The weather of the city is already harsh. It seems that the sun is emitting fire. It is extremely difficult for people to remain outdoors for a long time. However, a large number of people cannot get comfort even at homes because of power outages.

Power either remains out for hours or goes out after every half an hour. Residents of the city have been facing the problem of loadshedding for a long time. Many people have installed generators or UPS to deal with this issue, but this is still not enough. UPS or generator will run efficiently if it is used moderately. These appliances should not run continuously for more than six to seven hours. In our city, power remains out for more than 10 hours and there comes a point when these appliances also die. The government must take notice of the issue. For how long will we remain power less? Is a loadshedding-free Karachi only a dream?

Huzaifa Imran (Karachi)

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