Jun 292017

It seems terrorism, sectarianism, extremism, obscurantism and now poverty and ignorance all have joined hands to eclipse the celebrations and festivities of Eidul Fitr in the country. On Friday (Jun 23) terrorists soaked Parachinar with blood when twin blasts rocked the city claiming 70 innocent lives and left other 200 people injured. Similarly, the day was also ominous for security officials in Quetta and Karachi when they were targeted in these cities. The nation was still mourning the martyrs of Parachinar, Quetta and Karachi when, on Sunday(25 June), the oil tanker in Ahmedpur Sharqia, Bahawalpur, exploded and more than 160 people who gathered at the site of overturned oil tanker to collect the leaked fuel were burnt alive. The entire nation was in a state of deep shock and agony for the departed souls who were the victims of these unfortunate events.

This year Eidul Fitr was observed with a sense of doom and gloom. The Parachinar bombing, in which ‘double dip’ strategy was adopted, lays bare the fact that the terrorists strike fatally whenever they find a soft target. Inflicting maximum harm is their sole aim while carrying out such attacks. In the same way, they have been on the look to avenge the security forces which have broken their backs through NAP, Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Raddul Fasaad. However, the country cannot afford any complacency and lethargy in this regard rather we need to whet all these plans and operations to eliminate the menace of extremism and terrorism completely. In addition, the Bahawalpur tragedy reveals that unless the twin banes of poverty and ignorance are tackled effectively, the poor will continue to suffer unspeakably in such incidents. It is time the country stood united, promoted interfaith harmony and tolerance, and devised viable policies to fight all such issues which are trying to destabilise the country.

Muhammad Fayyaz


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