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Ufone Auto Reply

We at Ufone have a knack for understanding our customers’ needs like none other. That’s just why we keep coming up with offers, packages and so much more that keep U engaged and make your communication experiences convenient and progressive.

In this fast paced world, where so many things keep us occupied, answering your phone may become difficult at times. Ufone Auto Reply is a service just for those moments. Whenever you become too busy to answer a call for example while driving or in a meeting etc., you can have a selected audio message played to the caller right away, without receiving the call. From available messages on the list to different custom made messages in your own voice for different people, you can make your own choice. All you need to do is, call 5757 for just Rs. 0.10+tax/min to subscribe and stay in touch at all times.

Subscription charges are Rs.5+tax/week for Prepay customers and Rs.20+tax/month for Postpay

How to Subscribe:

USSD = Dial *5757# @ Rs 0

SMS = send SMS with SUB to short code 5757 @ Rs. 0

IVR = dial 5757 @ Rs. 0.10+tax/min

Subscription charges: prepaid users Rs. 5+tax/week , postpaid 20+tax/month

How to Manage Auto Reply service:

Subscriber can manage his servie by dialing IVR 5757 of by SMS commands.

From IVR 5757, user can.

  • Subscribe service
  • Set/change default message for callers
  • Rerecord & set default message in own voice for callers
  • Record & set message for a specific number/caller
  • Manage/change recorded messages
  • Recommend service to other friends
  • Unsubscribe service.

SMS Commands:

SMS short code = 5757

SMS Commands / Description:

  • SUB (To subscribe Auto Reply service)
  • UNSUB (To unsubscribe service)
  • OFF (Temporary Off service.)
  • ON (Activate service again)

SMS commands to change service message for short time (30 minutes)

  • BUSY (Play Busy message for 30 minutes and a)
  • MEETING (Play messages of meeting)
  • NAMAZ (Namaz message)
  • LUNCH (Lunch message)
  • DINNER (Dinner)
  • DRIVE (Driving at the moment)
  • FLIGHT (In flight)
  • SLEEP (sleeping)
  • SMS (Please sms only, If user wants to play prompt to caller. Please SMS only.)
  • RESET (To Remove temporary messages ( set for 30 minutes) and service will play the default message defined by the subscriber)

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