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HYDERABAD: Two peasants were killed while three others were injured in an alleged dispute between the farm’s manager and the peasants over the use of threshing machine.

The incident happened in Jamshoro on Wednesday night in Malik Qaiser Khan village. The farm reportedly belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party MPA Imtiaz Shaikh.

According to Jamshoro SHO Khalid Abbassi, 35-year-old Allah Dino Maachi and 33-year-old Punhal Maachi were shot and died on the spot. Two women, Guddi Maachi and Soomri Maachi, and another man, Aarib Maachi, were injured.

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Aarib sustained a gunshot to his head. He is admitted in Liaquat University Hospital’s intensive care unit. His health condition has been described as critical. Guddi is the wife of Allah Dino while Aarib is the brother of Punhal.

The relatives of the deceased staged a demonstration on Thursday on the Indus Highway along with the dead bodies. They accused the farm manager, Muhib Shaikh, and his armed men of attacking the unarmed peasants.

Mohammed Hassan Maachi, who led the protesters, claimed that around eight to 10 armed men led by Shaikh attacked the deceased and injured persons in their village, which is around a kilometre away from the farm. Earlier in the day, the peasants and Shaikh’s staff reportedly clashed over work. The peasants were working temporarily at the MPA’s farm for the wheat harvest.

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Shaikh and his accomplices escaped after the incident. The police have formed teams to raid their residences in Shikarpur and Khairpur districts.

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