Jan 042018

US President Donald Trump’s latest tweet in which he has expressed that the US has foolishly given Pakistan $33 billion in the form of aid is not only challenging, but also interesting. The important question is: where was this huge amount used? Pakistan does not need charity from any source because it has got its own resources. It has an abundance of natural resources. Its human resources, including nuclear and missile scientists and engineers contribute regularly towards its growth. It has a hard working population, fertile lands to increase agriculture output, beautiful tourist spots to attract tourism and well-educated, trained and patriotic armed forces.

What Pakistan needs is to set its house in order and utilise its resources for the benefit of its people. Pakistan needs its leaders to act selflessly. It is time we broke the ‘begging bowl’ and dealt with matters independently. Trump thinks Pakistanis are tramps, but Trump is not the whole US and a majority of US citizens are decent, honourable and think high of the Pakistani people.

Prof Sher Muhammad Khan


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