Jun 302017

Many people have this misconception that all educational institutes in Karachi provide best education to their students. However, the reality is just the opposite. The state of education in the city is not good. Many private education institutions have been opened in every nook and corner of the city, leading to the decline of the standard of education. These institutes appoint under qualified teachers who do not have required skills and capabilities to teach. As a result, they fail to provide quality education to students. Students as well as their parents suffer because of these inexperienced teachers. Every institute advertises itself as one of the top schools/colleges of the city. But, in terms of quality, these institutes are, unfortunately, the worst.

The shortage of qualified teachers has affected the studies of students. For the country’s progress, quality education is necessary. The concerned authorities must take notice of this issue. The government must propose guidelines, including the number of teachers appointed, the minimum qualification and experience of teachers, etc., for the registration of a school. A school’s registration should only be approved if the school follows the guidelines. The government must not waste a single second and tackle the issue at the earliest.

Hafsa Khilji


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