Dec 062017
It has been quite a painful year for me and other families who lost their loved ones in the tragic plane crash on December 7, 2016. All the 47 passengers on the ill-fated PK661 lost their lives after the plane crashed near Havelian. The initial reports following the incident suggest that the plane crashed due to engine problems. However, the complete report has neither been made public nor shared with the grieving families. Although PIA announced compensation worth Rs5 million for legal heirs of the deceased, the authorities have held insurance payments for no good reason, adding miseries to the sorrowful families.
It is time the SC took suo motu action and strictly ordered the authorities to conduct a fair fact-finding mission. The outcome should be shared with the effected families and all those responsible for the mishap must be brought to justice. It will unequivocally go a long way in mitigating the occurrence of such incidents in the future. Also, it will provide a little respite to those families who lost their loved ones in the incident.
Shadman Zain

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