Feb 172017

Pakistan has become the target of yet another dastardly terror attack. The fact that multiple attacks occurred across all the four provinces of the country in the span of just a week is a matter of grave concern. The tragic incident that took place at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar at Sehwan Sharif, Sindh on February 16 has shaken the confidence of the entire nation. According to the sources, the suicide bomber hit devotees when they were performing dhamal inside the shrine premises.

The world community must condemn the attack, stand united against the terrorists and strengthen Pakistan to fight its long drawn-out war against the menace of militancy. The government and the valiant armed forces of Pakistan must join forces to control the     fresh wave of terrorist attacks in the country. Needless to say, the courageous people of Pakistan will, as always, stand like a rock behind them and support them in all their endeavours directed towards this cause.

M Fazal Elahi



The ongoing wave of brutality and barbarism in the country clearly shows that terrorism has no religion, race or ethnicity. All the four provinces, one by one, have experienced bloodshed in the last few days. However, these incidents also convey a clear-cut message to all the ethnicities of Pakistan that they are all equal in the eyes of the terrorists. In order to overcome the threats posed by these nefarious elements, the entire nation ought to place ethnicity aside and stand together to eradicate them collectively and courageously.

Yashaullah Soomro



The ruthless suicide attack on Lal Shahbaz Qalandar shrine highlights the form of extremism that stems from sectarianism. After the tragic attack on Shah Noorani shrine in Balochistan, this is the second bloody sectarian attack which killed many innocent people in the country. Eight deadly attacks with a large number of casualties have occurred in Pakistan in a very short span of time. In this tragic attack at Sehwan, 76 people were massacred and hundreds were injured. The incident left the whole nation in a state of shock and pain. The lack of basic amenities, particularly the dearth of well-equipped hospitals and medical facilities, has aggravated the situation.

This shows that security lapses in our country’s system still exist and they present a challenge for the new COAS. NAP needs to be implemented at a faster pace in order to root out the menace of sectarian violence from the country. There is also a dire need to conduct more operations in order to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan.

Inzamam Qasim Silachi


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