Jun 142017

This refers to the letter, ‘Trade deficit’ (Jun 14), by Engr Riaz Akbar. It seems that economic policies in the country are only designed for the rich. The writer pointed out that the country is now importing fruit as well. The truth is that from cars and electronic gadgets to fruit, flowers, bottles of juice and cosmetics, everything is being imported. This has resulted in an increase in the prices of essential commodities. The people cannot afford the daily essentials. Policymakers conveniently ignore them while drafting a trade policy.

Pakistan has become a favourite spot for dumping foreign goods. This has affected the country’s industrial and agriculture sectors. To support a massive volume of non-essential imports, the government borrows huge foreign loans. This has resulted into a serious debt trap. Countries around the world ensure that their trade policies are not hurting their economy. However, in Pakistan, the government is busy satisfying the need of the elite and conveniently ignores the rest.

Huma Arif


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