Dec 152017

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is still struggling to find a permanent landfill site in Islamabad. The capital generates almost 800 tonnes of garbage every day. But there is no permanent dumping site to dispose of such a vast amount of waste. The CDA plans to introduce an effective and modern system of waste management on a permanent basis to resolve this problem. But its efforts have been to no avail. In 2006, the CDA plans to construct a landfill site at Kurri Village on over 100 acres of land. Unfortunately, residents of the village and a large number of environmentalists have cried foul over the issue and have even asked the court to look into this matter.

Another dumping site in H-10 is opposite two residential sectors. This has exposed citizens to an assortment of diseases. The foul stench that emanates from the large heaps of garbage dumped in the locality and the trash trolleys in various residential areas shows the glaring lack of concern shown by the relevant authorities to ensure cleanliness. Residents are of the view that these dumping sites, which are largely ineffective and have provided a breeding ground for diseases, should be immediately shifted from these localities. Islamabad needs proper garbage dumping sites on an urgent basis.

Iqra Umar


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