Mar 252017

According to some media reports, the vigilante student wing of the JI, the IJT pursues a reign of terror at all college and university campuses across Pakistan using coercion, intimidation, threats and violence to fight the so-called westernisation – its globalisation. For example, on St Valentine’s Day – which is celebrated worldwide on February 14 – students are not allowed to wear red or to exchange flowers. Throughout the year, the student body leaves no stone unturned to enforce gender segregation.

It was not always so in Pakistan. This is the root and branch of fanaticism and religious backwardness enforced by the explicit threat of violence. Students are being denied their constitutionally protected rights of the Freedom of Association and the Freedom of Expression. Who appointed the IJT – the so-called guardians of morality – at campuses across Pakistan? The answer is Ziaul Haq. It is high time we let the age of reason dawn in Pakistan.

Omar Mirza

New York, USA

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