Jul 142017

The PPP-led Sindh government hasn’t taken any satisfactory steps to uplift the standard of education in the country. Cheating is not limited to the SSC and HSC examinations. But many undergrad students are often caught using unfair means during exams. In addition, many influential people in the country can easily ‘buy’ a degree certificate. The state of the education sector in the province remains deplorable. Many students do not even attend classes and resort to cheating in examinations. It is unfortunate that even the country’s undergraduates do not possess a suitable set of skills.

The chief minister of Sindh swung into action when different news reports highlighted the widespread cheating culture in education institutions across the province. However, now is the time to take necessary action against this menace. Appropriate steps should be taken to tackle the issue at an early stage. Regular supervision and inspection must be carried out. The higher authorities must take notice of the increasing absenteeism of students as well as teachers. It is time that the authorities took concrete steps to improve education standards in Sindh.

Mir Taqi Abbas Talpur (Sobhodero)

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