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One of the survivors of the recent Portland attack has said that he does not want anyone to make the story about him, but to focus on the real issue, the abuse faced by the two young girls. He conveyed the message via posting a Facebook video, according to Raw Story.

Micah Fletcher, was stabbed by Jeremy Christian, 35, a white supremacist last week.

Fletcher thanked those who support him for his bravery. He, however, believes the real story is about the racist harassment the attacker directed at the girls over their race and religion and not how he saved them while getting stabbed in the process.

Both girls were black and one of them happened to be Muslim.

“The little girl who had the misfortune to experience what happened on that [train], her life is never going to be the same,” he said in the video.

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“Imagine that for a second — being the little girl… this man is screaming at you, his face is a pile of knives, his body is a gun. Everything about him is cocked, loaded and ready to kill you.”

Fletcher concluded his video by imploring everyone to remember the two teenagers who got harassed, not just the men who got stabbed for trying to intervene.

“This is about those little girls,” he said. “We in Portland have this weird tendency to continue patterns that we’ve done forever, and one of them is just this same old… white saviour complex.”

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