May 152017

Let’s be honest: biryani is the single best thing about being a desi. It’s deliciously spicy and aromatic and finger-licking good and… I could go on and on…

Personally, I love biryani in its authentic style – sans any raita or salad. If you ask me, the extra condiments ruin the natural flavour of this delicious plate from heaven.

Recipe: Spicy fish biryani

Therefore, when I came across this tweet from an Iranian named Ali, I was aggrieved. Ali  likes to indulge in biryani with…wait for it…mayonnaise and ketchup!

Yes, you read that right! Talk about insulting one of the world’s most popular dishes! And from the looks of it, I’m not the only one upset forever Ali’s transgression.

He posted a picture of his plate on Twitter, calling some pale-looking rice ‘biryani’ (which is an entirely different debate altogether), next to his ‘favourite’ sides, claiming it to be the best way to consume the dish.

Karachi’s top 5 biryani joints

He posted:

What was this guy even thinking!

Surely, soon after his tweet and a pretty bizarre advice, Twitter lost it. Desis from all corners of the world joined hands to take this atrocity down.

This honest conversation.

We are all sorry!

My face as well.

Talk about giving sane advice…

Exactly, why? What did biryani ever do to you?

Bilkul nahi karna tha…

Remember that entirely different debate I was talking about? Well, here you go…

I am just as confused!

After much (deserving) backlash, Ali was forced to respond that he might not be the only one with a unique palate.

Let’s find this person now, shall we?

I truly hope we don’t witness such heinous crime ever again. Meanwhile, here is a picture of mouth-watering biryani just to lift you mood.



You’re welcome.

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