Jul 092017

Although Pakistan has proper laws, the majority of the officials responsible for supervising their implementation are, unfortunately, dishonest. These people use the laws for personal purposes. They break the laws, but there is no one to reprimand or punish them. Many officers are living beyond their means, they do not live on their salaries, but on corruption and unauthorised commissions. Fake information, be it with regards to recruitment, rehiring, purchase and procurement, is in fashion in different public sector organisations, but these wrongdoers are never punished for their crimes.

That the county has become a place where laws and rules of business are interpreted by the whims of the people in authority is heartbreaking. Corruption and dishonesty are also rampant in private sector organisations as well. The majority of the private and public sectors organisations are running sans the implementation of Employees Service Rules. Employees are being exploited and only a few people are given benefits and advantages. Many employees – who, in other terms, are not favourites of employers – are being deprived of promotion or their right to house building finance, etc. It is the sad reality that the country will never achieve economic growth unless these irregularities are dealt with.

Hashim Abro


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