Jun 092017

The Paris agreement on climate change has set out a global action plan to combat the dangerous effects of climate change. The agreement wants to limit global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Combating global warming is necessary. Over the past few years, the irreversible effects of global warming are being faced by many countries. Global warming has caused great damage to the food production, clean water sources and energy production. Therefore, it is essential that every country takes serious steps to mitigate the global warming effects. According to the agreement, each country pledges to contribute to combat climate change.

Countries, including China, the UK, Egypt, France and Germany, have pledged to make changes to their policies in accordance with the best available science, in the hopes of reducing their overall emissions to a long-term goal of zero-net emissions overall – known as carbon neutrality. The agreement imposes a climate tax on countries that are responsible for polluting the world’s environment. Although the standard rate is $150 per tonne of carbon dioxide emitted, the tax will be higher if a country fails to reduce its overall emissions.

Shanza Ali


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