Jul 122017

After the JIT report was put in the public domain, an unwarranted political commotion had been created. While the JIT’s report is being subjected to surgical dissection, the chairman of the PTI, without waiting for the due process to be completed, had started his mantra of demands. This isn’t the first time he had demanded the resignation of the PM. As a matter of fact, ever since the 2013 elections, he had been persistent in this demand. Now instead of waiting for the SC to assess the evidence, the impatient politicians have banded together repeating the PTI’s chief’s mantra. The political parties will be well advised not to repeat the politics of the 1980’s and 1990’s that derailed the strengthening of the civilian rule. It would be in their interest to let the due process takes its course and wait for the final judgment of the SC before making illegitimate demands at this point.

My reading of the contents of the JIT report leads me to the conclusion that there are major gaps in this report. I am sure the SC and the bench investigating this case will be in a position to make a final objective judgment. But was the JIT supposed to make any recommendations? The answer is no. Its mandate was to find the truth about the case and present the facts sans any recommendation to the SC. With regard to the PTI, it is now becoming clear that the politicians surrounding its chief are all leftovers of the Musharraf rule. Their agenda is not the progress of this country. Anyone can develop the scorecard of the 10 or so years of Musharraf’s rule to draw a conclusion about what happened to our institutions. These politicos now harping on the demise of our institutions should reflect back and stop misleading the people. If the PTI failed to respect the due institutional processes and continued to make laughable demands, it would surely lose its popular support. For the party, the recent by-election in PS-114 in Karachi should serve as an eye opener.

Dr Zafar I Qureshi


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