Jun 122017

Every year, thousands of candidates sit for the CSS exam, but only a few hundred pass the exam. The recent CSS result was quite disappointing. Only 202 out of 9,643 candidates pass the written examination. It is indeed an embarrassing situation. It also uncovers the dismal picture of the country’s education system.

Pakistan, a country sank in the quagmire of illiteracy, has a literacy rate of 57 percent. Most of the graduates, with few exceptions, tend to get employed in their respective professions, as CSS is no more lucrative as it had been. Many of the graduates when fail to get a job in their respective professions, for instance an engineer could not get placement in an industry of his choice, lean towards CSS. Such graduates, who have always passed their exams through rote learning, are more inclined towards substandard notes rather than standard recommended books by the FPSC. To top it all, coaching centres, on the pretext of smart study, lure these CSS candidates by offering false shortcuts to pass the exam. As a result, a majority of candidates cannot pass the exam. It is now the responsibility of the government to find out ways to improve the education sector. These low results can be avoided by introducing educational reforms and better career counselling at a primary level.

Izhar Hussain


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