Dec 042016

It seems that there is no end to the miseries of the Rohingya people in Myanmar. With each passing day, their woes are being multiplied. The silence of the world’s human rights organisations is fuelling fire to the disaster. It is pitiable that the Rohingya Muslims are being referred to with derogatory terms such as ‘stateless entity’, ‘the most persecuted people on the earth’ and ‘the boat people’. The UNHCR also seems clueless regarding this humanitarian crisis. The whole community is subjected to state-sponsored cruelties.

One wonders that at a time when even the special laws have been formulated to protect and preserve the endangered animal species, the human beings have been neglected and being effaced with impunity. The lives of hundreds of thousands of harmless and unarmed ethnic group are at stake but neither the UNO nor OIC is ready to intervene to rescue them from the barbarity of Myanmar forces. In order to mitigate misfortunes and sufferings of the Rohingya Muslims, we should force the world community to come forward and sort out a viable plan to accommodate the oppressed class.

Muhammad Fayyaz


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