Jul 112017

Tourism in Pakistan has brought a much-needed economic boost to Gilgit-Baltistan, the Swat and Kaghan valleys, and other northern areas of Punjab and KP. However, like every other thing, tourism has its disadvantages as well. When visitors exit a tourist spot, they leave litter all over the place. This year, around 2.5m tourists left behind about 100,000 tonnes of garbage in the Kaghan valley alone. Empty cans, lunch boxes, water bottles, even the used diapers were found all around the gem-like Lake Saiful Muluk. Such carelessness taints the same beauty thousands flock to the region to witness. This attitude of tourists disappointed nature lovers in the region. The sight around this lake was so ugly that students on summer vacations around this place volunteered to clean the area.

To deal with this issue, the concerned authorities can adopt the following suggestions. Hire policemen on a seasonal basis and empower them to charge perpetrators a heavy fine on the spot to the tune of at least Rs.1000, or even higher depending on the size of the litter thrown by them. The government can put garbage bins in the areas frequently visited by tourists, however, these bins must be emptied regularly.

Tanvir Ansari


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