Dec 082017
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Sep 152017
Aisam, Aqeel give Pakistan 2-0 lead in Davis Cup

ISLAMABAD –  Aqeel Khan and Aisamul Haq Qureshi Friday gave Pakistan perfect start in the Davis Cup Asia-Oceania Group-II final against Thailand as hosts won both opening day singles matches played here at Pakistan Sports Complex grass courts. Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair was the chief guest on the occasion, while PTF President Salim Saifullah Khan and others were also … Click for detailed story

Sep 082017
Cries of the Rohingya

The painful cries of the Rohingya are not stopping Myanmar government forces to stop their brutality. The people who are fleeing the region are also getting killed before they could make to a safe place. The people who have fled have highlighted the grave violations of human rights being committed by the Myanmar Army. A new report has revealed that government forces have burnt hundreds of villages to ground. Deaths of hundreds of children have become the new normal in the region. How can these people live there? But the situation for the one who has fled is also not ideal. Thousands of the Rohingya who are fleeing the violence are trapped at the border. Bangladesh won’t let them in and is telling them to go back to their villages. If they go back, they will be killed immediately. It is hoped that eventually the situation will get better for them. Adnan Dost (Kech) ***** Rohingya Muslims are being killed by Myanmar government forces. It has been reported that more than one thousand of villages of Muslims have been burnt to ground. This genocide is being carried out under the support of Nobel Peace Laureate Aan San Suu Kyi. The Rohingya are being forced to leave their homeland. It is time the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) called back ambassadors from Myanmar to mount pressure on the country. The countries must ask the Myanmar government to put an end to the violence or else they will send their troops to [Read More…]

Aug 202017
PTF president inaugurates renovated grass courts

KARACHI: President of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Salim Saifullah Khan on Sunday inaugurated the renovated grass courts at the Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad. He played some points with Pakistan’s No 1 Aqeel Khan, who is in Islamabad these days and following a strenuous regime to prepare for the Davis Cup Tie in September. The PTF president expressed his satisfaction on the overall arrangements under way for the mega event. “The return of the Davis Cup to Pakistan in February this year, after a dozen years, was a huge achievement, thanks to President ITF David Haggerty and the ITF Board Members,” said the PTF president. Pakistan are to play the final of the Zone Group II against Thailand in September. The winners will be promoted to Group I of the Asia-Oceania Zone. Pakistan are seeded first in the Group and Thailand second, so a tough competition is on the cards.  As the hosts having the choice of courts, Pakistan’s top players, world-ranked Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi and Aqeel Khan, opted to play on grass given their experience and style of play, and the fact that this is now a very sparsely deployed surface world-wide, due to the intensive labour required for maintenance. Click for detailed story

Aug 092017
Hard-pedaling Soft Power, China Helps Launch $13B Belt and Road Rail Project in Malaysia

KUANTAN, MALAYSIA China and Malaysia broke ground on Wednesday on a $13 billion rail project linking peninsular Malaysia’s east and west, the largest such project in the country and a major part of Beijing’s Belt and Road infrastructure push.The planned 688-km (430-mile) East Coast Rail Link will connect the South China Sea, large parts of which are claimed by China, at the Thai border in the east with the strategic shipping routes of the Straits of Malacca in the west.It is among the most prominent projects in China’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to build a modern-day “Silk Road” connecting the world’s second-largest economy by land corridors to Southeast Asia, Pakistan and Central Asia and maritime routes opening up trade with the Middle East and Europe.“The ECRL is indeed yet another ‘game changer’ and a ‘mindset changer’ for Malaysia as it will significantly cut travel time to and from the east coast of the peninsula,” Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said at the ceremony halfway along the route in Kuantan, which faces the South China Sea.For China, the project is another expansion of its soft power in Malaysia, which also lays claim to some disputed South China Sea islands, and is critical for China’s geopolitical and strategic interests.“The China government has attached great importance to the China-Malaysia relations and has always considered Malaysia a dear neighbor and trustworthy partner who is committed to seeking mutually beneficial cooperation and common development in the country,” Chinese State Councillor Wang Yong [Read More…]

Jun 272017

THAILAND: It wasn’t until he got to medical school that Narong Khuntikeo finally discovered what caused the liver cancer that took both of his parents’ lives: their lunch. Like millions of Thais across the rural northeast, his family regularly ate koi pla – a local dish made of raw fish ground with spices and lime. The pungent meal is quick, cheap and tasty, but the fish is also a favourite feast for parasites that can cause a lethal liver cancer killing up to 20,000 Thais annually. Most hail from northeast, a large, poor region known as Isaan that has dined on koi pla for generations and now has the highest reported instance of the Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) – bile duct cancer – in the world. One of the major causes of CCA is a parasitic flatworm – or fluke – which is native to the Mekong region and found in many freshwater fish. Once eaten, the worms can embed undetected in the bile ducts for years causing inflammation that can, over time, trigger the aggressive cancer, according to the World Health Organisation. “It’s a very big health burden around here… it effects families, education and socioeconomic development,” said Narong, who went on to become a liver surgeon to battle the scourge. In South Punjab: Biggest fish hatchery to be operational by June “But nobody knows about this because they die quietly, like leaves falling from a tree.” After seeing hundreds of hopeless late-stage cases on the operating table, Narong is now marshalling [Read More…]

Apr 202017
Bubba Watson takes clubhouse lead in Shenzhen

BEIJING: Two-time Masters champion American Bubba Watson led the first round of the storm-interrupted Shenzhen International on Thursday after scoring six under par. The clubhouse leader, ranked 22 in the world, clinched an early lead by shooting an eagle and five birdies before storms in the area suspended play for two hours in the afternoon. “I hit a lot of good shots and a lot of greens, so I’m pretty happy with six-under. All in all, a great day and a good start, especially as we thought it was going to rain early on,” Watson told reporters. The 38-year-old is competing against other star players including South African duo Haydn Porteous and Dean Burmester, Germany’s Max Kieffer, Thailand’s Thongchai Jaidee and France’s Grégory Bourdy. Play was halted for the night shortly before 7PM (1100 GMT), meaning 56 players will complete their first round early Friday morning before the second round begins for everybody. Porteous, Burmester, Kieffer, Jaidee and Bourdy were hot on Watson’s heels after they all completed the first round at five under par. “Well that was interesting. It’s not often you birdie more than half the course!” 22-year-old Porteous commented on Twitter earlier on Thursday. If the veteran Watson wins, it would be his second European Tour title and first tournament victory in over a year. The father-of-two had lost over 15 pounds after making adjustments to his diet this year. “I’ve been working so hard with my putting on getting more speed and getting the ball to [Read More…]

Apr 152017
Tourism in KP

It is great news to hear about the initiative of the PTI-led KP government to promote tourism. The local government started by promoting scenic or picnic locations to locals. Now it plans to set up four museums where ancient Indus civilisation artifacts can be displayed – next to Buddhist artifacts and Islamic artifacts. The Buddhist artifacts are very sacred for Buddhist followers. Similarly South Koreans are interested in visiting KP because one of their famous generals marched through this area. On the other hand, the Indus civilisation is one of the oldest civilisations of the world; and all information and artifacts about it are of great interest to many researchers. All of these will attract many tourists, but to ensure regular visits of international tourists; the KP government has to provide tourist facilities. The KP government can follow the example of Thailand to plan and establish the tourist industry. In Thailand, the government declares certain areas as tourist zones which do not have any housing for locals. The land owners in the zones are allowed to develop their land into only hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and selected few commercial shops. The KP government can use a similar model to convert the region housing the planned 4 museums into a tourist zone. A government-owned company, should help improve infrastructure, train personnel, establish tourist police, install CCTV cameras and complete other details in timely and orderly manner to attract more tourists to the region. Engr Shahryar Khan Baseer Peshawar Click for detailed [Read More…]

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