Nov 262017

Your profile on Linkedin and your company pages on Linkedin can be put to good use to help people understand what you do and if there is common ground for both of you to further explore. Once you understand this, your strategy changes from generating traffic to your website to generating more profile views and more people requesting to connect with you and joining your group(s). This video will help you improve your Linkedin engagement, generate more profile views, and grow your Group. Click for detailed story

Jun 122017

Social media and PR should go hand in hand if they are to bring optimal results for your business. Experts have proven that this strategy will boost visibility tenfold. Just like a PB&J sandwich, you can eat the bread with only butter or only jam, but combined together, they make the delicious sandwich we all adore. Read on … Click for detailed story

Jun 092017
Pakistani Man Sentenced to Death for Anti-Islam Content on Social Media

ISLAMABAD � An anti-terrorism court in central Pakistan on Saturday sentenced a man, aged 30, to death for posting blasphemous content on social media.The judge conducted the judicial proceedings in the high-security prison in the city of Bahawalpur, prosecutor Mohammad Shafiq Qureshi told VOA.The prosecutor explained that the court found Taimoor Raza guilty of using Facebook and WhatsApp to disseminate” or “upload” hate material, including “offensive pictures and comments against Prophet Mohammad and his companions. Raza has the right to appeal the verdict.Qureshi said the Facebook account Raza was running had more than 3,500 friends, or followers.The defense counsel was not immediately available for comments on the allegations against his client.Counterterrorism forces arrested Raza about a year ago and police records showed the man had confessed he was working for outlawed Sipah-e-Muhammad, which is a Shi’ite militant group.The organization has been locked in a deadly rivalry with militants from Pakistan’s majority Sunni Muslim population. The years of sectarian conflict has killed thousands of people around the country.Pakistani authorities have been cracking down on social media activists suspected of disseminating blasphemous content through their accounts.Dozens of activists have been detained or questioned in recent weeks in Pakistan, prompting harsh criticism from rights defenders.Opposition parties have alleged the crackdown in the name of religion is mainly aimed at silencing political dissent and deterring critics who are calling for accountability of the country’s powerful military institution, along with its alleged intervention in political matters.Pakistani officials deny the charges.Insulting Prophet Mohammad can carry a [Read More…]

Jun 032017

The changes in Google’s search algorithms have put paid ads on top of the search results right in the middle of the page. No matter how hard you try at ranking higher in organic searches for your business and popular keywords, the top spots will be taken by those with big bucks to advertise. This has forced businesses to look for alternatives and they … Click for detailed story

May 262017

BEIJING: Chinese activists say they fear intensified state surveillance after a draft law seeking to legitimise monitoring of suspects and raid premises was announced last week, the latest step to strengthen Beijing’s security apparatus. Half a dozen activists contacted by Reuters say they already face extensive surveillance by security agents and cameras outside their homes. Messages they post on social media, including instant messaging applications like WeChat are monitored and censored, they said. The draft of a new law to formally underpin and possibly expand China’s intelligence gathering operations at home and abroad was released on May 16. However, the law was vaguely worded and contained no details on the specific powers being granted to various state agencies. China blocks Pinterest: censorship watchdogs “State intelligence work should…provide support to guard against and dispel state security threats [and] protect major national interests,” the document said. The law will give authorities new legal grounds to monitor and investigate foreign and domestic individuals and bodies in order to protect national security, it said. Public consultation for the draft ends on June 4. It is unclear when the final version may be passed. Hu Jia, a well-known dissident, said the release was met with fear and despair in his circle of reform-minded activists, where it was seen as a sign of strengthening resolve in the ruling Communist Party to crush dissent. “Before, the party acted in secret, but now they have confidence to openly say: ‘We are watching you’,” Hu told Reuters. “The law is [Read More…]

May 242017
Opposition Cries Foul as Pakistan Cracks Down on Social Media

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN � Taha Siddiqui was relaxing in his living room with his son after work when he received a telephone call. On the other end of the line was a man claiming to be with the counterterrorism department of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency. The man, who Siddiqui said identified himself as Nadeem Bodla, a deputy director of the counterterrorism wing in the FIA, told Siddiqui to “drop everything” and immediately report to his office.“It wasn’t a courteous call,” Siddiqui recalled. “It was actually a call where he was talking from a point of authority. The tone was intimidating.”As a freelance journalist working with several international outlets, Siddiqui had been covering military affairs.His work had drawn attention in the past. Journalists who did not know him would sometimes call and urge him to rethink what he was filing, telling him authorities thought he was overstepping a boundary.This was the first time, though, that a government entity had officially approached him. The move concerned Siddiqui, who feared an arrest over “illegal charges” or the seizure of his equipment that could compromise his work and sources.Others questioned, tooOthers, namely political activists and opposition figures, had been called in for questioning based solely on their social media activity.One of them, Salar Sultanzai, tweeted from his handle @MeFixer that the FIA had told him to submit his cellphone and laptop for inspection.Siddiqui decided to file a petition of harassment in the Islamabad High Court.Interior Minister Ali Khan, in a news conference this week, maintained [Read More…]

Mar 062017

You may already be convinced that your business needs a social media manager but how and where do you find a good social media manager. That’s not easy. You can go with a company that manages social media for clients or you can hire individual freelancers. But how and where do you find such people. Read on… Click for detailed story

Jan 242017

LONDON: Are you anxious that your kid is hooked to social networking sites or busy playing video games throughout the night? You now have another reason to blame for his or her growing addiction: their genes. According to researchers from King’s College London (KCL), online media use such as social networking, instant messaging and playing games for entertainment and education could be strongly influenced by our genes. Facebook in crosshairs as fake news battle heats up Genetic factors were found to influence time spent on all types of media, including entertainment (37%) and educational (34%) media, online gaming (39%) and social networking (24%). The study found that people are not passively exposed to media. Instead, they tailor their online media use based on their own unique genetic predispositions – a concept known as gene-environment correlation. “The DNA differences substantially influence how individuals interact with the media and puts the consumer in the driver’s seat for selecting and modifying their media exposure according to their needs,” said lead author Ziada Ayorech from KCL. Our findings contradict popular media effects theories, which typically view the media as an external entity that has some effect – either good or bad — on helpless consumers,” Ayorech added. Online freedom hit by pressure on social media, apps In addition, unique environmental factors such as one sibling having a personal mobile phone and the other not, or parents monitoring use of social networks more heavily for one sibling compared to the other, accounted for nearly two-thirds of the differences between [Read More…]

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