Aug 202017
Saudi Embassy to showcase Ghalaf-e-Kaaba, door of Khana-e-Kaaba

ISLAMABAD: The Embassy of Saudi Arabia will organise an exhibition at ‘The Centaurus’ shopping mall where Ghalaf-e-Kaaba and door of Khana-e-Kaaba which has been replaced with new one,… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Click for detailed story

Aug 192017

LONDON: The majority of deaths from Yemen’s cholera outbreak have occurred in rebel-controlled areas cut off from supplies due to airstrikes and blockades by a Saudi-led military coalition, according to research published on Friday. The study by London’s Queen Mary University found eight out of 10 cholera deaths took place in regions controlled by Iran-backed Houthi rebels who have fought a two-year war against Saudi-aligned forces backing Yemen’s government. Yemen is battling against the “world’s worst cholera outbreak”, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Yemen cholera death toll passes 1,100: WHO More than half a million people have been infected with cholera since the epidemic began four months ago and almost 2,000 people have died, the WHO said on Monday. “Saudi-led airstrikes have destroyed vital infrastructure, including hospitals and public water systems, hit civilian areas, and displaced people into crowded and insanitary conditions”, Jonathan Kennedy, Andrew Harmer and David McCoy, the study’s researchers, wrote. The Saudi ministry for foreign affairs did not immediately respond to written questions or telephone calls. Yemen’s devastating civil war has pitted a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia against an Iran-backed armed Houthi group, and economic collapse has made it difficult to deal with disease outbreaks such as cholera and mass hunger. The study compared data from the WHO with maps of government-controlled and rebel-controlled areas. The researchers found 78 percent of cholera cases and 81 per cent of deaths from cholera occurred in Houthi-controlled regions. Only 10.4 per cent of deaths occurred in government-controlled areas. The researchers said the Saudi-led coalition was responsible for the deadly outbreak, by [Read More…]

Aug 152017

DOHA: An Arab embargo on Qatar is inflicting pain on foreign migrant workers struggling amid an oil slump and disruption of deliveries for large construction projects linked to the 2022 soccer World Cup. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) imposed sanctions on fellow US ally Qatar in June and cut all transport links with the country, accusing it of supporting terrorism, a charge Doha denies. To get around the boycott Qatar has flown in food from Turkey and Iran and chartered ships via Oman to bring in construction materials needed for World Cup projects. But the feud is making life harder for some foreign workers in Qatar, already faced by layoffs caused by low oil prices and a work-sponsorship system that restricts their movement. Fresh vegetables usually trucked across Qatar’s land border with Saudi Arabia, a route now blocked, have increased in price. That is indebting some workers from places like India and Nepal who typically earn 800 rial ($219.78) a month and who make up about 90% of Qatar’s 2.7 million population. Arab states demand Qatar closes Jazeera, cuts back ties to Iran South Asian workers have been left stranded on Qatari farms in Saudi Arabia without food after their Qatari employers fled to Doha in June, according to a Human Rights Watch report. Last week dozens of Indian and African workers at hotels in Doha were told to take extended unpaid leave and return to their countries because of a drop in occupancy caused by [Read More…]

Aug 132017

ISLAMABAD: Aerobatic teams from Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be performing in the biggest show by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in the country’s history to mark its 70th anniversary on Monday. The special appearance of “Solo Turk”, the famous Turkish aerobatic team of the Turkish Air Force and the internationally acclaimed “Saudi Hawks” of the Royal Saudi Air Force alongside PAF aircraft will add colours to the mega event. The members of the two teams in a media interaction on Sunday at the Air Headquarters in Islamabad expressed their happiness to be part of Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations. “We will hold a demo flight in order to show infinite brotherhood between Turkish and Pakistani nations,” Emrah Bayri, the First Lieutenant of Turkish Air Force, told reporters. He said the Solo Turk team comprised of two pilots – Captain Erhan Gunar and Captain Serdar Dogan, who would fly the demo aircraft in sequence, supported by 11 personnel. ‘Ae Watan Tera Bhala Ho’: Pak Army releases special song for 70th Independence Day “During the show, a Solo Turk pilot will put the aircraft to limits of plus 9 Gs to negative 3 Gs by the support of a very powerful engine of F-16C,” Bayri added. “Flares dispensed by the aircraft will enhance the visualisation of the demo accompanied by smoke-winders at its each tip.” He said it would be his team’s effort to put a better show on the stage for the spectators. “All the maneuvers are improved by our pilots, who have [Read More…]

Jul 192017

DUBAI: Saudi police have released without charge a woman who was filmed in a miniskirt at a historic site in the ultraconservative kingdom, the government said Wednesday. The ministry of information said police had released the woman Tuesday night and the prosecutor had closed the case. Police said they were questioning the woman after she appeared in a series of videos, initially posted to messaging app Snapchat, wearing a crop top and a high-waisted miniskirt. She had been filmed walking through the historic fort of Ushaiqer, north of Riyadh, and playing with sand in the dunes. The videos were uploaded over the weekend to the “Model Khulood” Snapchat account. The ministry said in a statement that the woman had confessed to walking through the site in a skirt with her hair uncovered but that the footage had been uploaded without her knowledge. Women are required to wear long black abaya robes and cover their hair in public in most of Saudi Arabia, which has some of the world’s harshest restrictions on women. The kingdom does not allow women to drive and requires them to be accompanied or given written permission by a male relative – usually a father, husband or brother – to study, work or travel. The videos sparked heated debate among social media users in the region and beyond on questions of gender and rights in the kingdom. The post Saudi police release Snapchat ‘model in miniskirt’ without charge appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Jul 182017

RIYADH: Saudi police said Tuesday they were questioning a woman who appeared in an online video in a miniskirt and crop top walking through a historic site in the ultraconservative kingdom. A series of videos, initially posted over the weekend to the Snapchat account of Model Khulood, show a young woman in a high-waisted miniskirt walking through a fort in Ushaiqer, outside the capital Riyadh, playing with sand in the dunes and turning towards the camera for a close-up, her long hair uncovered. The videos have since been uploaded to YouTube and tweeted by different users. Saudi media, including the main dailies Sabq and Okaz, on Tuesday quoted a spokesman for police in Riyadh as saying the woman was being questioned and had confessed to visiting the site with her male guardian. Saudi Arabia’s guardianship system mandates accompaniment by or written permission from a male relative — usually a father, husband or brother — for women to study, work or travel. The woman denied that she had uploaded the clips and that the Snapchat account was hers, the spokesman said. The case has now been referred to the public prosecutor’s office, which will decide whether to prosecute the woman. The local government of Riyadh had issued a memo saying authorities were searching for the woman who had been “walking around… in indecent clothing”. The snaps have sparked heated debate, with social media users in the region and beyond weighing in on questions of gender and rights in the kingdom, where women [Read More…]

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