Aug 142017

ISLAMABAD: Auto-theft incidents in the capital continue unabated as at least ten such cases have been reported by the police in less than two weeks. Police said three cases of car theft and six cases of motorcycle theft have been registered at various police stations in recent days. Police records show that a car was stolen from G-11/3 and another from G-10/1, both in the jurisdiction of Ramna police station. The third car was lifted from Ghauri Town in Koral police limits. Motorcycle theft cases were reported by Shahzad Town, Sihala, Aabpara, Sabzi Mandi, Secretariat, Khanna, and Koral police. Police remain clueless about the thieves as all cases were registered against unidentified persons. A police officer said that while many auto-theft gangs have been busted by the anti-car lifting cell (ACLC) of the capital police in recent years, a few were unsolved and are pending. He said most of the vehicles stolen from Islamabad are smuggled outside Islamabad and sometimes their manufacturing tampered with. “We have recovered dozens of vehicles which were stolen from Islamabad so far this year and busted several gangs,” the officer said. The police had busted a major auto-theft gang which involved several police officials of AJK in April this year. Two dozen stolen vehicles were recovered from them. Published in The Express Tribune, August 15th, 2017. The post Three cars, seven motorcycles stolen appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Aug 112017
‘Unlike criminals, police lack modern weapons’

BAHAWALPUR: Despite lack of resources and funds, Bahawalpur police is striving hard to control crime incidents that have plagued the district. The police force does not have modern weapons like criminals but still the police are performing duty with bravery and commitment. These views were expressed by a senior police official, who requested anonymity, while speaking to The Express Tribune on Friday. He said despite odds, targeted action against criminals will continue to save the lives and property of the citizens. Search Operation: 10 detained, weapons recovered While giving details of seven-month performance, he said the police arrested 5,253 criminals, including 2,281 wanted criminals, 35 gangs and seized valuables worth Rs1,26,52,418. He added Bahawalpur police registered 4,814 cases and of them, 294 cases were dismissed as they were fake. Similarly, 124 murder cases were registered, 87 attempted murder cases, 509 robbery cases, while 83 criminals were arrested. Besides, 12 criminals were nabbed and valuables worth Rs19,18,143 were confiscated. In crackdown against illegal weapons, he maintained the police arrested 437 criminals and seized nine Kalashnikovs, 84 rifles, 90 guns, 352 pistols, 20 carbines and 29,811 bullets from their possession. Police detain 60 people for questioning In addition, the police raided different hideouts and apprehended 793 drug dealers and confiscated 112,337 kilogrammes of hashish, 7.917 kilogrammes of opium, 25,892 bottles of liquor, and 107 active liquor brewing furnaces. In operations against professional criminals, at least 35 gangs involved in armed robbery and street crimes were busted and 125 gangsters were sent behind bars. [Read More…]

Aug 042017

HYDERABAD: A human rights activist who recently led a long march to Karachi for the recovery of missing persons has himself allegedly been subjected to enforced disappearance from Hyderabad. Punhal Sario, who heads Sindhi Hari Porhiyat Council and led the recently-formed Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh, was whisked away late on Thursday from outside the Sindhi Language Authority. Sario was ‘abducted’ a day before he was to host a conference in Hyderabad for the missing persons. Protest held against missing persons on Super Highway “Ten to 15 men in police commando uniforms stopped our car outside Sindh Museum. They asked Sario to step out, grabbed him, and pushed him inside a Toyota Vigo,” Dr Haresh Kumar, who was driving the car accompanied with Sario, told The Express Tribune. Javed Soz, head of the non-profit Sindh Community Foundation, said they were together at the cafe but left in separate cars to meet again at the residence of journalist Mahesh Kumar. According to him, Dr Kumar arrived alone at the journalist’s home and informed them that Sario was taken away. Missing persons matter referred to Senate HR panel Advocate Ali Palh, who represents Sindh Human Rights Defenders, a confederation formed for the protection of the rights workers and journalists, said police officials were immediately approached to help recover Sario. He said Hyderabad DIG Khadim Hussain Rind and SSP Amjad Baloch did not respond positively. “Today we called at Punhal Sario’s mobile number. The call connected but no one attended the phone. We told the [Read More…]

Jul 142017

JERUSALEM: Three assailants opened fire on Israeli police in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday before fleeing to a nearby highly sensitive holy site and being killed by security forces, police said. Israelis rally for Palestinian state, end of occupation A number of people were wounded in the attack, police said. The attackers had fled to the site known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as the Temple Mount. No details were immediately available on the identity of the attackers. While a number of attacks have occurred around Jerusalem’s Old City, they have often involved knives. The location at the holy site was also likely to lead to tensions. Police locked down the area and the Al Aqsa mosque compound at the holy site was closed for Friday prayers. Israel legalises settler homes on private Palestinian land A wave of unrest that broke out in October 2015 has claimed the lives of at least 277 Palestinians, 42 Israelis, two Americans, two Jordanians, an Eritrean, a Sudanese and a Briton, according to an AFP toll. Israeli authorities say most of the Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks. Others were shot dead in protests and clashes, while some were killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. The violence has greatly subsided in recent months.   The post Three attackers shoot at Jerusalem police before being killed: police appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Jun 292017

ISLAMABAD: A total of 70 suspects were arrested during Eid holidays and police recovered cash, looted items, weapons, liquor and drugs from them. Islamabad police made best possible security arrangements on the eve of Eidul Fitr in the capital and the officers as well as jawans of the force performed their duties with commitment to protect lives and property of the citizens. It was stated by SSP Islamabad Sajid Kiani while reviewing the overall performance of Islamabad police from the last 10 days to Ramazan to the eve of the Eid and the three days of the festive occasion. A total of 2,500 policemen performed security duties while effective patrolling plan was made in the city in order to avoid any untoward incident. Published in The Express Tribune, June 30th, 2017. The post Police round up dozens of suspects during Eid holidays in Islamabad appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Apr 092017

OSLO: Norway’s intelligence agency raised the national threat level on Sunday after a 17-year-old Russian was arrested on suspicion of placing a homemade bomb in central Oslo. The domestic intelligence agency PST said an attack was now “probable” rather than “possible”, because of the risk of a copycat attack after recent assaults in Stockholm, Saint Petersburg, London, Berlin and Nice. The new threat level will be in place for two months. “It’s not clear whether the 17-year-old young man intended to commit a terrorist attack,” PST chief Benedicte Bjornland told reporters. The teen’s lawyer, Aase Karine Sigmond, said her client rejected the allegations, as well as claims in the media that he was an Islamic State (IS) sympathiser. Sweden questioning 7 people over deadly truck attack “It was a boy’s prank,” she told broadcaster NRK. The intelligence agency was trying to determine whether he had acted alone. The incident came after a deadly truck attack that left four people dead and 15 injured in Stockholm in neighbouring Sweden. The main suspect in that attack, a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan, had shown an interest in jihadist groups like IS and had had his permanent residency application rejected, police said Sunday. Norwegian police had earlier announced that they had carried out a controlled explosion overnight Saturday and that they had made an arrest. Police had cordoned off part of Oslo’s busy Gronland district and evacuated local bars and restaurants after the device was discovered Saturday evening. Norway’s former premier backs Kashmir cause The [Read More…]

Mar 292017

Hubris and abuse of power are commonplace for persons in positions of authority, even if that so-called authority is granted to a position that exists for the purpose of serving citizens. Likewise is the case with our country’s police forces. On February 10, the antiterrorism courts issued directives to the Sindh inspector general of police (IGP) to execute an inquiry into 65 cases of police brutality in which 80 suspects were wounded. More recently, a judge presiding over the case rejected the IG’s March 13 report for the committee failing to conduct the inquiry as per orders. This is the type of scrutiny that should be experienced by all authoritative positions so as to revive accountability for a state entity’s actions and claims. As per the descriptions, the IG report seems nebulous rather than a precise summary of why police aggression occurred in the highlighted cases, especially when many of the suspects were drug addicts possibly not in their full senses at the time of incident. Of course, the rulings will be left to the honourable courts and judges but police high-handedness needs a proactive response by society. Due process of law is frequently neglected, which entails granting suspects their rights. Ideally, a police force itself will employ system of accountability for its officers in the case that standard procedures are not followed. However, our reality is that we live with a politicised police force where civilians facing arrest can make quick phone calls and have handcuffs released on the [Read More…]

Dec 072016

A year ago, I spoke to a friend online who was posting particularly angry write-ups about Pakistan. It was uncharacteristic because of the generally ultra nationalist views of the friend in question. It turned out the friend’s home was robbed. That’s a traumatic experience in itself, but it wasn’t what pushed my friend over the edge. It was the unwillingness of the police to register an FIR unless they were paid a bribe, which my friend eventually did. The trauma of being robbed at home is significant; it’s a deep violation of the most sacred space that one feels safe in. To come to terms with it is an uneasy proposition, but its compounding is particularly pernicious when the police inflict a double whammy. ‘This Crooked System: Police Abuse and Reform in Pakistan’ is a report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) this year that tellingly explores cases akin to the one written about above and far more egregious cases. Visiting expat family ‘robbed, sexually assaulted’ by cops in Islamabad It’s a fascinating read giving a harrowing account of what ails the police system and how the citizens of this country feel about it. Surveys show that the police force is the least trusted arm of the government in the country, and that’s for a good reason. A general lack of knowledge about the law, and the tendency of the police to apply it arbitrarily have created a sense of dread whenever the citizen needs recourse from the police. The [Read More…]

Dec 022016
Police targeted in Peshawar blasts

PESHAWAR: Two roadside explosions hit the provincial metropolis on Friday, causing widespread alarm and minor damage but no casualties. The blasts, detonated within a four-hour interval, apparently targeted police. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Chamkani Abdul Salam escaped unhurt when the remote-controlled bomb exploded near his vehicle on the Northern Bypass. Speaking to The Express Tribune, SP (rural) Furqan Bilal said the DSP’s vehicle suffered minor damage in the blast in which four kilogrammes of explosives were used. “The target was DSP Chamkani Abdul Salam who was on his routine patrol, but he escaped unhurt and his vehicle was partially damaged,” he said. “Around four kilograms of high explosives had been used in the home-made device,” he added. The attack took place around 11:30. Soon after the attack, a large number of policemen reached the blast site and cordoned off the entire locality and conducted a search operation. “There has been an increased activity of terrorism in recent days,” he said, indicating a possible regrouping of terrorists. A second remote-controlled bomb exploded in Peshawar’s Karkhano Market early Friday morning moments after a police vehicle passed nearby. No loss of life was reported in the blast in which a passenger bus was partially damaged. Talking to The Express Tribune ASP Hayatabad Shoaib said a pipe-bomb weighing around four kilograms had been used in the second attack. “Only a bus was damaged in the attack but the police was the main target. It was just a coincidence that at the time of the [Read More…]

Nov 282016

ISLAMABAD: Additional District and Sessions Judge Shahrukh Arjumand on Monday sentenced two men to life imprisonment after they were convicted of murder and robbery. In 2013, Shahbaz Ahmad and Tasar Mehmood were booked by the Shahzad Town police on theft, robbery and murder charges. The court also imposed a fine of Rs550,000 on Ahmad and Rs200,000 on Mehmood. Failing to pay the fine, the convicts will undergo further six months of imprisonment each. Meanwhile, Additional District and Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan acquitted two murder suspects after the two parties reached an out-of-court settlement. Asim Mehmood and Sajjad Rasheed, the suspects, were booked by the Lohi Bher police last year on murder and attempted murder charges. Published in The Express Tribune, November 29th, 2016. The post Verdict: Two murder convicts get life terms appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

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