Dec 132017
Zaheer flays PCB over feeble role in new FTP

KARACHI: Former Pakistan Test captain Zaheer Abbas has taken a swipe at the country’s cricket authorities over their failure to safeguard Pakistan’s interests in the new Future Tours Programme of the International Cricket Council (ICC).Once finalised, the new FTP will hand Pakistan a raw deal as it will get fewer matches than most of the other full Test-playing nations. “I’m really sad and angry at the way Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has tackled this issue so far,” Zaheer, who has also served as ICC President, told ‘The News’ in an interview on Wednesday.“Among the various task entrusted on the people running the PCB one of the most important one is to make sure that Pakistan cricket gets its fair share in international cricketing action. From what I have read it seems that it hasn’t happened. The PCB has failed to fight for the cause of our cricket. They have not tackled the (FTP) matter well and that is a big cause of concern for all of us,” he stressed.According to reports, the new FTP which is being finalised by the ICC tilts heavily in favour of the nations who once formed the infamous ‘Big Three’ – India, England and Australia. In the new programme South Africa join them as the fourth team to get maximum benefit.Pakistan have been left to languish on the sidelines, almost degraded to the level of minnows like Zimbabwe, Ireland and Afghanistan. “That’s unacceptable,” Zaheer said. “I mean how can such treatment be justified? Pakistan is [Read More…]

Dec 112017
Signing new FTP conditional to India series, says PCB

KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has made it clear that it will not sign the revised structure of cricket competitions unless there is a valid agreement from India in bilateral cricket series with Pakistan.In a statement issued on Monday, the PCB reiterated its position on bilateral series with India.“Our position is that the PCB’s agreement to the revised structures for international cricket is subject to the condition that the PCB has a valid agreement to play bilateral matches with India and that India vs Pakistan matches would be included in the Future Tour Programs (FTP),” said the PCB.“This continues to be our position,” the statement added.It also added that if the dispute panel favours, then FTP should be adjusted to reflect the decision of ICC dispute resolution panel. “PCB has also informed the ICC that it has initiated a dispute resolution process against the BCCI under the ICC Dispute Resolution Committee Terms of Reference. Further to that the PCB’s claim is based on an existing agreement with the BCCI which contemplates that India will tour Pakistan in December 2019, August 2020 and Nov – Dec 2022 and Pakistan will tour India in Nov – Dec 2021,” it said. The statement adds that under the prevailing circumstances, the PCB’s position is that if the Dispute Resolution Committee decides the dispute in PCB’s favour, then any FTP will need to be adjusted to reflect the decision.“Any agreement of the PCB to any new FTP structure will therefore be without prejudice to [Read More…]

Dec 112017
PCB drags in T20 Global League to defend T-Ten League

[embed_video1 url= style=center] KARACHI: In another desperate attempt to defend the controversial T-Ten League and cover-up own blunders, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has dragged Cricket South Africa’s product Global T-20 League into the issue. While comparing the privately owned league with an official league of an ICC board member, PCB says that the two franchises were allowed to invest in T20GL and the same way one was allowed to be part of T-ten league.PCB, on its official media announcement twitter handle (@TheRealPCBMedia), responded to The News story published on December 12th.“PCB gave clearance to Lahore Qalandars & Peshawar Zalmi to participate/field teams in SA Global League on the same lines Karachi Kings/ARY were given clearance for T10, all franchises hold equal importance for PCB,” states PCB in the tweet.It is worth mentioning that the Global T20 league was owned by Cricket South Africa, unlike the T-Ten league, which is owned by a private businessman.One wonders how a competent cricket authority like PCB can compare the two leagues.The PCB’s statement of naming three different franchises may also create bitterness among PSL franchise owners ahead of PSL’s third edition and can harm the atmosphere of the league.One must not forget the fact that the franchise Karachi Kings was also among the PSL franchises to raise its voice against the T-Ten league, but later became a partner of the same league.PCB continues to add that it can’t block the opportunity for players or coaches to earn extra, especially in a free window.“We can’t block [Read More…]

Dec 092017
Mohammad Asif claims double standards by PCB in dealing with spot-fixing trio

KARACHI: Pakistan’s fast bowler Mohammad Asif has blamed the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for double-standards in dealing with players who were banned for spot-fixing in 2010.Asif, along with Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir, was banned for five years by the ICC after he was caught bowling a pre-panned no-ball during a sting operation conducted by a UK media house.Off the three, only Aamir has been able to make a comeback to international cricket after serving his ban. The two others are still waiting for their opportunities.“Double standards in the policy (towards the trio) is obvious, he (Mohammad Aamir) was quickly added to the team and we are still waiting for a chance. At least, call us to the camp and see if we are capable of doing something,” he said.The fast bowler said that he is playing highest level cricket in Pakistan and performing well.“I deserve a chance for my performance,” he said.Asif added that if he was given a chance, he’ll make everyone forget his past with his performance in the team.“If people can pardon Mohammad Aamir, then why I or Salman can’t,” asked Asif.“If given a chance, I will try to make people pardon me with my performance. I am sure if I can deliver, people will also accept me,” he added.The fast bowler, who will turn 35 on December 20, added that he still feels the same as he did in 2010 and finds himself fit enough to achieve the fitness level set by PCB.Asif added that [Read More…]

Dec 092017
What made the PCB change its mind on the T-Ten league?

[embed_video1 url= style=center] KARACHI: The confession by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that it took a fee of $400,000 from the organisers of the T-Ten League has raised several questions on the board’s competency to deal with the matter.PCB, in an earlier statement, had said that the fees was taken from the organisers of the league for releasing centrally contracted players for the four-day event.“The PCB has taken a fee of US $400,000 from the league to allow only ten of its centrally contracted players to participate in it. This money is being spent on game development in the country,” PCB had stated on Thursday. Controversial T-Ten League under control of Indian owners, documents reveal License issued by Sharjah authorities to operate the league next month mentions Nawab Shahtaj Shaji ul Mulk, an Indian, as the owner This confession by PCB has raised several questions.On what basis did the PCB calculate the value of the centrally contracted players as US$400,000?Under which law and which process did the PCB seek money from a private party for releasing players?Does the PCB have any legal or moral right on the players’ personal appearance rights?Will the PCB opt for the same procedure of demanding fees from leagues to release players every time? Or this was only for favouring the controversial T-Ten league?And lastly, will the PCB release its player to any private party for future events after setting this precedent? Former cricketers critical of PCB’s decision on T-10 league Former cricketers expressed their reservations [Read More…]

Dec 082017
Former cricketers critical of PCB?s decision on T-10 league

Mohsin Khan (L), Zaheer Abbas (M), Aamir Sohail (R)Former Pakistan cricketers have expressed their reservations over Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) decision to release some of its top players for the dubious ten-overs-a-side cricket tournament dubbed ‘T-10 Cricket League’, set to be held later this month in Sharjah.Former ICC president and Test captain Zaheer Abbas, speaking to Geo News, voiced his doubts over the board’s wisdom in giving a green light to its contracted players to play the league.“It’s difficult to determine the future of ten overs cricket. And it’s very close to Pakistan Super League [schedule wise]. The PCB should not have allowed its players to join the league in [such a short window],” the former captain remarked. “Ten overs is too easy. Extremely convenient money. What’s the point of fielding 11 players each side in such a format? Six or seven players are enough. Honestly, I can’t see any future for this format,” the ‘Asian Bradman’ said, further noting that the players would have to be vigilant against dangers of corruption during the league. “[The board] should have considered a lot of things before releasing players like this.”Former cricketer and team selector Mohsin Khan shared his opinion on the league.“With this T-10, where exactly are you taking cricket? Are you going to come up with five-overs cricket next?”The former batsman said the PCB should be more selective about where it sends its players. “We should only send our players to selective, good-standard competitions. We should maintain a standard and [Read More…]

Dec 082017
PCB statement on T-10 league raises further questions about lack of transparency

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) issued a press release in response to a story published in The News on Thursday titled ‘PCB allows top Pakistani cricketers to play in dubious Indian-owned league’, which raises more questions than it answers about a lack of transparency and due process adopted by the board in releasing its top players for the non-serious, ten-overs-a-side cricket tournament dubbed ‘T-10 Cricket League’, set to be played later this month in Sharjah.In its press release, the PCB claimed that the ICC has not disapproved the league and, in fact, has lent the support of its Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) to the tournament to ensure it stays free of corruption problems. The board also admitted it has “taken a fee of US $400,000 from the league to allow only ten of its centrally contracted players to participate in it.”It further said that “80% of the shares of the company that owns the league are held by Pakistanis..” and that the apprehensions of two PSL franchises regarding the T-10 league were resolved in a meeting earlier and there was no conflict of interest or competition between the T-10 league and PSL.“Players from six top cricketing national boards like England, West Indies, South Africa, etc have got NOCs to play in this league…. which shows the PCB has released players in a competitive event,” the board argued, adding that “one PSL franchise owner has a financial stake in the league and believes that this supplements its bigger interest in the PSL [Read More…]

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