Aug 232017
Age of Empires IV is coming to PC and the trailer looks amazing

It’s been over two decades since the first edition of Age of Empires, developed by now-defunct Ensemble Studios, was released. Now, it seems that Microsoft is ready to bring the magic of Age of Empires back to life. Microsoft Studios has announced that Age of Empires IV is in development and will be released on PC. To recreate the magic of 90’s hit real-time strategy game, Microsoft has partnered with Canada’s Relic Entertainment, which has developed a number of well-known strategy game including Company of Heroes and Homeworld. “We can’t wait to tap into our strengths as a studio to fuse historical context with deep strategic gameplay, and to bring this franchise back to the forefront of gaming and into the hands of its beloved community,” said Relic in a blog post. AGE OF EMPIRES IV! #AgeOfEmpiresIV is officially in the works! Keep a eye out for more info — AgeOfEmpires (@AgeOfEmpires) August 21, 2017 “We look forward to sharing with you more details in the months to come. For now, just know we are beyond excited to be working on the next entry into the legendary franchise,” the statement added. “In our first full adventure, exploration, discover and conquest will stand the test of time,” you can hear the narrator in trailer as saying. Right now there’s not much information available about release of the game or where Age of Empires IV will fit into this history, besides a trailer filled with concept art of historical battles [Read More…]

Jun 182017
India crush Pakistan

KARACHI: India defeated Pakistan 7-1 in their match of Hockey World League Semifinal Round at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday.  It was Pakistan’s third successive big defeat in the tournament, which doubles up as the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. It was India’s biggest-ever win over Pakistan. India gave a wonderful demonstration of structured hockey in front of a full house. Their attacks were well orchestrated and finishing was excellent. India converted two of their four penalty corners; Pakistan none out of five. The first quarter did not give any indication of things to come. The most evenly fought 15 minutes of the match had both the sides earning one penalty corner. Aleem Bilal’s flick went very high above the bar. Harmanpreet Singh’s flat, fast and angular push beat goalkeeper Amjad. The two teams had a PC in the first five minutes of the second quarter as well but failed to strike. In the 23rd minute, India extended the advantage with an excellent quick passing move capped by Talwinder.  After Pakistan wasted two chances in quick succession, Talwinder scored his second of the day. A left side move resulted in a high ball in the circle which was well tapped in by Talwinder with the stick held above the head. India persisted with their offensive play and Ramandeep’s two successive shots were well saved by Amjad. Within three minutes of resumption, Harmanpreet again converted a PC, this time via a forceful high flick on the left side of [Read More…]

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