Aug 232017
Age of Empires IV is coming to PC and the trailer looks amazing

It’s been over two decades since the first edition of Age of Empires, developed by now-defunct Ensemble Studios, was released. Now, it seems that Microsoft is ready to bring the magic of Age of Empires back to life. Microsoft Studios has announced that Age of Empires IV is in development and will be released on PC. To recreate the magic of 90’s hit real-time strategy game, Microsoft has partnered with Canada’s Relic Entertainment, which has developed a number of well-known strategy game including Company of Heroes and Homeworld. “We can’t wait to tap into our strengths as a studio to fuse historical context with deep strategic gameplay, and to bring this franchise back to the forefront of gaming and into the hands of its beloved community,” said Relic in a blog post. AGE OF EMPIRES IV! #AgeOfEmpiresIV is officially in the works! Keep a eye out for more info — AgeOfEmpires (@AgeOfEmpires) August 21, 2017 “We look forward to sharing with you more details in the months to come. For now, just know we are beyond excited to be working on the next entry into the legendary franchise,” the statement added. “In our first full adventure, exploration, discover and conquest will stand the test of time,” you can hear the narrator in trailer as saying. Right now there’s not much information available about release of the game or where Age of Empires IV will fit into this history, besides a trailer filled with concept art of historical battles [Read More…]

Jun 182017
India crush Pakistan

KARACHI: India defeated Pakistan 7-1 in their match of Hockey World League Semifinal Round at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Sunday.  It was Pakistan’s third successive big defeat in the tournament, which doubles up as the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. It was India’s biggest-ever win over Pakistan. India gave a wonderful demonstration of structured hockey in front of a full house. Their attacks were well orchestrated and finishing was excellent. India converted two of their four penalty corners; Pakistan none out of five. The first quarter did not give any indication of things to come. The most evenly fought 15 minutes of the match had both the sides earning one penalty corner. Aleem Bilal’s flick went very high above the bar. Harmanpreet Singh’s flat, fast and angular push beat goalkeeper Amjad. The two teams had a PC in the first five minutes of the second quarter as well but failed to strike. In the 23rd minute, India extended the advantage with an excellent quick passing move capped by Talwinder.  After Pakistan wasted two chances in quick succession, Talwinder scored his second of the day. A left side move resulted in a high ball in the circle which was well tapped in by Talwinder with the stick held above the head. India persisted with their offensive play and Ramandeep’s two successive shots were well saved by Amjad. Within three minutes of resumption, Harmanpreet again converted a PC, this time via a forceful high flick on the left side of [Read More…]

Mar 142014
PC board: Six new members appointed


The government has appointed six more members on the board of Privatisation Commission (PC) that is expected to fast-track the privatisation drive launched by the government.

The new members are Aziz Nishtar, Salman Burney, Khurram Schehzad, Zafar Khan, Nauman Dar and Ali Habib, said a notification issued by the Ministry of Finance and Privatisation here on Friday. After coming to power last year, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had reconstituted the PC board and appointed six members. Muhammad Zubair, a key member of the PML-N election manifesto committee, is the chairman of the board.

Responsibility of ensuring transparency and earning maximum gains for the state has been given to the board. The government has agreed with the International Monetary Fund that it will privatise 32 state enterprises during its tenure.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 15th, 2015.

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Jan 232014
New SMS Vehicle Verification Service launched in Punjab

Excise Department, Government of Punjab has completed computerization of all vehicles’ records which are registered in any district of Punjab province. You can easily check and verify details about ownership, registration and tax details of your car, motorcycle or any other vehicle just by sending an SMS containing registration number of your vehicle to 9966. And you will get all important information on your mobile.

If you found any discrepancy in the records, you can now easily get appointment for correction just by filling out a simple form.

You can not only check details of your own car or motor cycle etc but you will also verify records of any used car before buying it. It will also helpful for people who are in business of selling and buying used cars to check records of any vehicle before making any deal. It is hoped that this service will eliminate car theft at least from Punjab. For any further help or assistance, you can contact on Toll Free Number 0800-9966.

I just write registration number of my car in SMS and send it to 9966 and instantly I got reply SMS from Excise and Taxation Department, containing following information:

  • Registration Year
  • Owner Name
  • Type and Company of Vehicle
  • Color
  • Issuance Status of Computerized Number Plates
  • Engine and Chassis Number
  • Tax Paid
  • Token Paid Up to

Form for Change/ Modification of Vehicle Records by Punjab Government

Following form can be used for making any correction or modification in the computer records possessed by Government of Punjab. 

Write click on this form and save it on your PC, then you can get its print out. Print and Photocopy of this form is also acceptable. 

Click here to see, how you can check details of Punjab registered vehicles online via MTMIS Website.

Jan 052014
KMC chief orders repair of faulty vehicles, machinery



Administrator KMC Rauf Akhtar Farooqui has said that PC-I for the vehicles and machinery used for cleanliness, lifting of garbage, removal of encroachment and municipal services should be prepared immediately so as to bring them on the roads for carrying out cleanliness work.


He issued this directive while visiting Machine Pool Depot at Mewa Shah where he was accompanied by Senior Director Municipal Services Masood Alam and other officers concerned.


He said that the vehicles with minor faults should be repaired on immediate basis and the rest of the vehicles should also be mended by the manufacturing companies.


Besides, he added, separate place for vehicles should be allocated in six districts instead of their only location at the Machine Pool Depot, and the vehicles should be despatched in each district according to its requirements.


He directed the Municipal Services Department to set up a workshop


for repairing minor faults of the vehicles at Machine Pool Depot, besides the KMC’s central workshop should also be revived.


Senior Director Municipal Services Masood Alam informed the KMC administrator that sweeping machines and tractors were purchased in 2007 for cleanliness of roads at a hefty cost but due to the shortage of funds even the minor faults could not be repaired due to which big roads were not being cleansed with the help of these machines.


He, however, added that the fleet of dumpers, loaders and garbage lifters required minor repairs after which these could be made functional for cleansing the roads.


Farooqui said that PC-I for the out of order vehicles should be prepared so that the request for funds could be made to the Sindh government for making these vehicles functional.


He said that it would be better that the KMC utilises its own vehicles rather than acquiring the vehicles on rent.


On the occasion, he met with the employees of Machine Pool Depot, listened to their problems and assured them of resolving the same.


He further said that disbursing salaries to the employees on time was his first priority for which efforts were being made.


Jul 012013
Is Mycestro the future of 3D technology in Pakistan?

Mycestro 3D mouse

Mycestro is a 3D mouse that allows its user to operate or control his or her computer using the palm gestures. It also performs the basic mouse functions facilitating the movement of the cursor as it is fitted with touch sensitive panel. Basically, it is connected to the computer using Bluetooth with a range of distance up to thirty feet. It is important when making presentations on a screen.

Get Mycestro into hands

With the world getting into the hands with PC tablets and other Microsoft devices, the 3D technology is also intruding. It is pretty comfortable to manage the PC or a desktop computer without necessarily holding something in the hands. The powerful device allows us to control the cursor movement while a distant away from the computer. It is fitted in the fore finger in a way that it does not interfere with the typing process. Working with it in a comfortable way controlling the movement in a three dimensional way.

Functionality unveiled

The device can impressively and simply be used at a distance of thirty feet. This allows the user who opts to make presentations on a screen to move freely within the distance around his or her audience while still scrolling the screen. This facilitates better teaching and lecturing methods. The device is like other mobile devices chargeable via a USB cable with full charge lasting for not less than eight hours. It is compatible with apple devices automatically or any other pc with an additional dongle. Plans are underway y to make it compatible with the android devices thus making a wonderful future for the 3d technology.

3d Mouse

The functioning of the device is quite simple. It can be put at any suitable place as per user’s facility. The laser mouse is built in a high 3D technology. It has the ability to detect the motion of the hand in a 3D space. In addition to that, it is sensitive to touch and is activated by use of the thumb touch. To make a selection the user just need to tap on one of the panel on it according to the selection being made.

Fabulous addition in 3D technology

Although the laser mouse is one fabulous device using the 3D technology to aid a wide range of digital product users, it also has some faults which defiantly are being looked into by the manufacturers. Some of these include the fact that it is not compatible to all devices without additional programs; some of the device is even completely incompatible. There is a plan to improve the devices compatibility. The range distance is also another factor they are looking into. The device is of their kind and form a perfect future for the three dimensional technology. In that sense, many digital fields are making a great utilization of this device while the manufacturers are improving it day by day

May 232013
Energy crisis: PC suggests cutting off gas to inefficient plants


The Planning Commission has suggested that supply of gas to captive power plants should be stopped and the saved resource be provided to efficient power plants in order to tackle the worsening power crisis, a proposal that comes in line with the views of National Accountability Bureau that considers gas supply to inefficient plants a criminal act.

The suggestion came in a meeting at NAB headquarters in Islamabad that reviewed the performance of captive power plants, say sources.

During the deliberations, the Planning Commission and National Electric Power Regulatory Authority pointed out that gas was being supplied to less efficient power plants at the cost of efficient ones, which were being forced to run on expensive alternative fuel like diesel, leading to a huge increase in cost of electricity production.

Had gas been diverted to the more efficient plants, it would have added a considerable quantity of electricity to the system at a far lesser cost, they stressed.

Before cutting off gas connections, the government wants to conduct an audit of captive power plants to determine their efficiency levels, but Nepra insists it already has relevant data and there is no need to conduct a fresh audit, which will be a waste of time.

Gas distributing companies are supplying 450 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) to captive plants of industrial units, depriving efficient power plants of the scarce resource. Some of the efficient plants with a combined capacity of 800 megawatts have suspended electricity production in the absence of gas since June 2011.

However, the government still seems reluctant to divert gas from inefficient plants to efficient ones.

Rather than severing gas connections of captive plants of the influential lobby of textile industry, the caretaker government has targeted compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations by placing a ban on use of CNG in vehicles of over 1,000cc engine capacity.

Participants of the meeting also noted that some captive plants with the help of gas produced cheap electricity, but they sold it at higher rates, making hefty profits in the process.

Terming it a criminal act, NAB chairman called for a thorough probe into the matter and asked the Ministry of Petroleum and gas utility companies to provide a list of captive plants involved in the practice.

Planning Commission’s Member Energy said the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet had decided to conduct the audit of captive plants but the plan could not be pushed ahead.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 24th, 2013.

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