Jan 042017
Sindh?s Murree

The Gorakh Hill station is situated in the Kirthar Mountain, Sindh. It is commonly referred to as ‘the Murree of Sindh’ because of its scenic beauty. The location has different weather pattern than Sindh’s. For instance, in the summers, the average temperature of the province ranges between 47 and 49 degree C, but the temperature of the station remains between 12 and 14 degree C. This is why it attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists. However, the hill station is not maintained properly and tourists have to suffer with a lot of problems during their visit. It has now become a routine for domestic tourists to visit the hill station on the New Year Eve, but the location doesn’t have enough hotels to accommodate swarms of tourists. Also, local vendors increase the prices of food items to make more profit. At times, a mineral water worth Rs20 is sold at a high price of Rs80. Under such circumstances, the Sindh government is requested to look into the matter. Abdul Salam Rustamani Dadu

Jan 012017
Woman allegedly gang-raped on New Year's Eve in Islamabad

A woman was allegedly gang-raped in Islamabad on New Year's Eve by four men, police told DawnNews. The incident took place within the jurisdiction of the Sihala police station on Dec 31. Amna*, who hails from Bahawalnagar, was living with her husband in a rented house in Ghuari Town, Islamabad. "My husband is a tailor. He doesn't earn a lot so I had been looking for work to support ourselves and make ends meet," Amna said in her First Investigation Report (FIR). She told the police that she had gone to meet a man for a job interview. "A week ago, I met [Suspect A], who gave me his mobile number and told me about a school he runs in Sihala. He then asked me to give him my CV and said he will hire me as a teacher in his school," Amna further said in her FIR. "[Suspect A] called me for an interview in Sihala near the railway tracks on Dec 31. I reached the venue by 4pm. He then took me to a house nearby," she said, alleging once they went inside the house, the accused made unwanted advances on her and tried to make her drink alcohol. "He threatened me when I refused to have drinks with him," she added. "Soon after, three other men joined [us]," Amna said, claiming the men introduced themselves as MNA [Suspect B], SHO [Suspect C] and Judge [Suspect D] from Muzaffarabad. Amna alleged the four men started drinking and raped [Read More…]