Jun 082017
Cost of fasting

Price hikes during Ramazan are not new. Profiteers sell essential commodities at high prices while the authorities fail to control the price hike. That nothing is being done to control prices is frustrating. Some two decades ago, the magistracy system was implemented; magistrates would make sure that the price of essential commodities was within the limit set by the government, making it easier for the common man to purchase items. These magistrates were vigilant and would take stern action against the wrongdoers. The absence of a proper system to control prices has made the lives of the people miserable. This is the responsibility of the government to take immediate action. Boycott campaigns on social media are ineffective. Only the government’s strict action can resolve the issue of price hike. Muhammad Ayyaz Sahiwal

May 162017
Development in Karachi

Karachi is one of the most populated cities of the world and the biggest city of Pakistan in terms of revenue generation. It is unfortunate that the city is facing a large number of problems, including broken roads, poor transport system, overflowing sewers, mismanagement of solid waste, etc. The city portrays a gloomy picture of mismanagement and lack of planning. It seems that policymakers haven’t come up with a plan to tackle the growing problems. Recently, a water crisis hit major areas of the city. A majority of the people complained about unavailability of water. These people have to pay exorbitant charges to buy a water tanker. In addition, power outages have taken a toll on the lives of the people. The need of the hour is to come up with sound strategies to deal with the existing problems. Policymakers should analyse how other cities manage the distribution of water and power, and the disposal of solid waste. If possible, those methods should be adopted to handle the city’s problems. Muhammad Ayyaz Sahiwal ***** This is to draw the attention of concerned authorities to frequent traffic jams. The ongoing development work on main arteries of the city has created problems for residents of the city. Traffic gridlocks are now happening quite frequently. Major roads are dug up and the construction work is going on at a slow pace. A destination which should take a maximum of 30 minutes is usually covered in hours. The authorities have to improve the traffic [Read More…]