Jun 282017
Drive carefully

The way a traffic inspector was mowed down by a speeding vehicle in Quetta was horrifying to say the least. The driver of the vehicle had to be blind to run over the cop standing in the middle of a crossing controlling traffic. It was equally pathetic that in spite of knowing well, that the vehicle belonged to Abdul Majeed Achakzai an MPA of Baluchistan Assembly, the police lodged an FIR of manslaughter against unknown people. Only after the media highlighted the issue, was Achakzai arrested. When the MPA was being brought to the court, he angrily reacted towards the media, without an iota of contrition about the dastardly act that he or his driver/relative had committed. It was very clear to see from his swagger that the MPA was not afraid of the consequences of his action. The law of the land should be brought to bear with its full might against such offenders, who think that they are untouchable Akbar Jan Marwat Islambad Click for detailed story

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