Nov 232017
KE?s clarification

This refers to the letter, ‘No facilities,’ (Nov 21), by Jeehand Peer Baksh. KE would like to clarify that there is no increase in loadshedding in any part of the city, including Lyari. The power utility has installed Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC) in different parts of Lyari to obliterate theft and to improve the power supply in the area for its valued customers. KE has also facilitated the residents of Lyari and other under privileged areas with new low cost metres and infrastructure. The company does not generate excessive bills. All billing is done as per consumers meter readings and as per regulatory guidelines. Customers can reach KE for power-related queries by calling 118 or 99000. They can also lodge a complaint through company’s SMS service on 8119 or on the digital platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.SpokespersonK-Electric

Oct 032017
Committed to serve

This refers to the letter, ‘Expensive power’ (Sep 30), by Nabeel Khan. K-Electric would like to inform the readers that the government has implemented a ‘uniform tariff policy’ across Pakistan. Under this policy, every city pays the same price for electricity. KE has neither made any change in the tariff nor charged any extra tax to the consumers of Karachi. The applicable tariff charged is in line with the tariff notified by the government. Monthly billing is done as per regulatory processes and guidelines. KE would also like to share that through sustained investment of $1.4 billion since 2009 in Karachi’s power infrastructure, network and services, the power utility has significantly enhanced the reliability of power supply to its customers. Today, 61 percent of Karachi is loadshedding-free. KE remains fully committed to serve the people of Karachi. Spokesperson K-Electric

Sep 292017
Expensive power

This is to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to the alarming increase in Karachi’s power tariff. Electricity is a basic necessity of life. But it is unfortunate that residents of ‘city of light’ have been facing the problem of the energy shortage for long. Almost in all areas of the city, power goes off for at least six hours a day. Instead of taking remedial measures to deal with the energy crisis, KE authorities have not only increased the per unit rate, but have levied a higher rate of tax as well. Inflation and overinflated prices of daily commodities have already taken a toll on the lives of the people. Now, the rising price of electricity is contributing to make the lives of residents even more miserable. A majority of people in the city belong to the lower middle class. With their salary, they can barely meet monthly expenses. The regular increase in prices has put a dent on their purchasing power. The government has done nothing in this regard. On the contrary, it regularly sells shares of KE to the strongest bidder. Through privatisation, the government is creating even more difficulties for residents. Having an access to basic facilities like power is the basic right of the people. It is unfortunate that in our country, concerns of the people are always neglected. Nabeel Khan (Karachi)

Jul 012017
Danger ahead

During these spell of rains, high voltage electricity cables in many parts of Karachi fell dangerously low. In Model Colony Malir, something terrible happened. An electricity wire broke down and fell into the stagnant rain water. A small child wading through the water came in contact with the electric wire and, unfortunately, died on his way to the hospital. Such incidents are not new. In almost every densely populated area of the city, electric wires hang down in clusters. Despite many cases of electrocution, KE is least bothered to deal with the issue. KE must take immediate action and deal with this issue. Muhammad Arsalan Malick Karachi

Jun 302017
A city they no longer care for

Heavy monsoon rain in Karachi created various problems for residents, leading to the death of at least 10 people. Many people, living in poorer neighbourhoods, had to evacuate their houses because of the damage caused by intense rain. The city’s infrastructure is also displaying the dismal picture of destruction and disaster. Several roads, including the one recently constructed, are badly damaged. The concerned authorities, however, is nowhere to be seen. Throughout the day, residents faced a large number of problems. Roads were flooded with water, causing severe traffic jam across the city. While it rained, people waited for hours for the traffic to get cleared. The Sindh government, like always, was not prepared for this challenge. Another problem faced by the residents was the long hours of loadshedding. With the first drop of rain, several areas of the city were hit by power breakdown. KE blamed heavy rain for the unwanted breakdown. The city of lights was without power for straight seven to nine hours, revealing the poor performance of the provincial government. In addition to the above-mentioned never ending problems, the city has to deal with another frustrating problem: improper drainage system. It is unfortunate that there is no proper drainage system in the country’s largest and the most populated city. Water standing on roads slowed down the traffic. The open dump yards and garbage on roads blocked the gutters. The city is in a total mess. Sadly, the provincial government has failed to manage the city properly. Naveed [Read More…]

Jun 282017
Eid without power

It is quite frustrating that Makran, despite being the biggest coastal division of Balochistan, witnessed unannounced power outages during all three days of Eidul Fitr. The division is already in the grip of extreme heatwave and persistent loadshedding has made the lives of the people even more miserable. The commissioner of Makran has failed miserably to resolve the problem of unending electricity crisis across the division. Although the government vowed that there would be no power disruption during Eid days, nothing had been practically done. The federal and provincial government should take bold steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply in order to reduce loadshedding in this sweltering weather. Mannan Samad Makran ***** For the residents of the Government Teachers Housing Society, the first day of Eid was nothing less than a test of patience. Despite the tall claims made by the government, the residents faced six hours of loadshedding. When the area was restored, the issue of low voltage continued. When will the authorities pay attention to this matter? The city is witnessing an unprecedented rise in the temperature. The combination of loadshedding and extreme hot weather is lethal. If anyone in this area dies because of the heat stroke, KE should be held responsible. Naveed Ahmed Karachi ***** It seems that the government is not sincere to help the people. The government had declared that there would be no load shedding during the three Eid holidays, yet in some areas of Muzaffargarh, electricity was kept off for many hours [Read More…]

Jun 162017
Unheard pleas

Residents of Lyari have been facing the problems of loadshedding and the gas shortage since the first day of Ramazan. On one hand, power remains out for 10 to 12 hours. On the other hand, especially during Sehri and Iftar, the low gas pressure creates problems for the residents. The relevant authorities must resolve the issue at the earliest. It is also the responsibility of the government to alleviate the sufferings of the people. It should take back the full control of KE and give relief to the people who are greatly affected by poor performance of KE. Abdul Aziz Khatri Karachi

Jun 092017
Silent nights

This is to bring the attention of KE to the serious problem of intermittent loadshedding. The lives of residents of Karachi have become painful and miserable because of the shortage of electricity. The power crisis took a worst turn on the first day of Ramazan. The electricity breakdown that lasted for several hours created a lot of trouble for the people who were observing fast. The first Sehri of the month was observed in darkness. Despite the assurances of the authorities that there will be no power disruption during Sehri and Iftar, residents of the city are having both meals in darkness, without power, without any ease. Sometimes, in some areas, power goes out for straight 10 hours. The whole area remains drowned in darkness. This has caused unrest among people. Many have gone out to protest but to no avail. The government gives false hopes to the people and vows to resolve the energy crisis, but the problem is still here and is becoming even more serious. The government must take initiatives to improve the production of electricity so that the common man can get some relief. Sadaf Shah Afridi Kohat

Jun 082017

Since the first day of Ramazan, unannounced loadshedding has made the lives of the people miserable. Fasting in summer is already hard and the shortage of electricity makes it even harder. The situation in Karachi is probably the worst. Since power is usually out during Sehri and Iftari, people face great trouble when preparing meals. Ramazan is a month of blessing. It is unfortunate that the concerned authorities are not doing anything to alleviate the sufferings of the people. Since power is out at odd hours, people cannot sleep properly. This has affected the daily routine of the people. They feel tired and drowsy during work hours. Although the prime minister held a meeting and directed for minimum loadshedding, a city-wide electricity breakdown occurred on the first day of Ramazan. Many power projects are being inaugurated across the country. However, the country hasn’t received the desired results to date. It is also one of the embarrassing failures of KE that it couldn’t resolve the energy crisis. The government must take immediate action and resolve the issue at its earliest. Syeda Sandleen Karachi

Jun 072017
Wake up, KE

The electricity crisis in Karachi has taken a worst turn. Since the past week, frequent electricity breakdown has become quite common. Almost every night, half of the city is drowned in darkness. It is shameful that KE has failed in controlling the shortfall of electricity. In fact, the first day of Ramazan brought the gift of the electricity breakdown. The city is also witnessing a rise in temperature. Intermittent loadshedding has made the lives of citizens of Karachi miserable. Long hours of loadshedding and the unbearable heatwave have resulted in the death of a few people. The concerned authorities must take serious notice of this issue. Steps should be taken to prevent more casualties. Asad Khuhawar Karachi