Oct 252017

There are two camps when it comes to choosing seats on planes: the window seat people and the aisle people. There are no middle seat people. They do not exist. But does the type of seat that you prefer to sit in have any meaning other than personal preference? Well, according to psychologists and Telegraph Travel, the seat you pick could indicate more about you than you think, reports Cosmopolitan. The theory goes that the people who pick the aisle seat want to be able to easily walk around the plane, nip to the loo or stretch out their legs whenever they want to. Additionally, these seats mean you don’t have to wake anyone up or disturb them if you need to get up. The people who pick them would much rather be woken up, than do the waking. Window seat people, on the other hand “like to be in control, tend to take an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude towards life, and are often more easily irritable,” Dr Becky Spelman, chief psychologist at Harley Street’s Private Therapy Clinic told Telegraph Travel. “Champions of the window seat tend to be more selfish, as well as less anxious, seasoned flyers who are more confident in disturbing others,” behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings told Telegraph Travel. “Aisle passe Have something to add to the story? Share it in the comments below.  The post Did you know? Airplane seat selection says a lot about you appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed [Read More…]

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