Jun 222017
JIT working neutrally: Wattoo

OKARA: PPP central vice-president Mian Manzoor Wattoo on Thursday said the JIT formed under the directions of the SC is working quite neutrally. In a statement, Wattoo said it is being witnessed for… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Click for detailed story

Jun 192017

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) has raised serious questions over the conduct of Intelligence Bureau (IB) in the ongoing Panamagate case probe by a joint investigation team (JIT) into the Sharif family’s offshore wealth. A three-judge implementation bench of the apex court, headed by Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, warned the civilian intelligence agency against harassing the JIT members, investigating the allegations of corruption against the ruling family in line with the top court’s historic April 20 verdict in the Panama Papers case. “Harassment of JIT members must be stopped forthwith, otherwise we will have to pass unpleasant orders,” remarked Justice Ijazul Ahsen. The judge asked Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Ashtar Ausaf Ali to tell government officials to “remain in limits”. SECP chief calls for a thorough inquiry in Whatsapp call controversy Another judge, Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh, asked the AGP to tell the IB officials to immediately stop harassing members of the probe body. “Advise your government not to create obstructions in the operation of the JIT and don’t enforce us to pass any order,” Justice Sheikh said. “For god’s sake, don’t use IB in this matter.” The judge went on to ask whether the agency was working for private individuals or the state of Pakistan. He observed the IB committed a crime by passing on the information of JIT members to a private person (Hussain Nawaz). The bench sought legal assistance from AGP regarding IB’s role in the Panamagate proceedings. Justice Khan asked the AGP to inform the court [Read More…]

Jun 182017
Ex-PR SP who wants to appear before JIT himself wanted by NAB

ISLAMABAD: Former SP of Pakistan Railways Inamur Rahman Sahree, who wished to appear before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) as a witness, has himself remained involved in corruption and wanted by… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Click for detailed story

Jun 142017
Historic development

The prime minister will now appear before the JIT. While some people are praising the prime minister, others are criticising him. They are giving another angle to this scenario and are painting another picture – a picture that supports their agenda. However, the PM’s decision shows the PM’s trust in the legal system of the country. This is an historic development. Before making any political remarks, all parties should wait for the outcome of the hearing. Rameezah Ali Lahore Click for detailed story

Jun 122017

ISLAMABAD: A day before former interior minister Rehman Malik was scheduled to appear before the joint investigation team (JIT) investigating the Panama Papers, his spokesperson has said the senator is not in Pakistan. Riaz Ali Turi, in a statement, said the JIT issued a letter on June 10, summoning Malik to appear before the bench on June 13. Rehman Malik, however, is travelling for work related to the PPP’s overseas affairs and meetings with foreign leaders, he added. Turi added that Malik has been informed about JIT’s letter and is cutting his visit short, however has requested for a short adjournment and a new date for his appearance. JIT summons PM Nawaz on June 15 Meanwhile, the JIT has also summoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday, June 15. According to an official letter dated June 8, the PM has been asked to appear before the investigation panel at 11am Thursday with all documents relevant to the case. The PM’s sons Hassan and Hussain Nawaz have already been summoned and questioned by the JIT in recent days. The post Panama JIT summons Senator Rehman Malik appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Jun 112017

KARACHI: PPP’s central leader and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah has asked the Supreme Court to take action against those who have been trying to make the joint investigation team (JIT) ‘controversial’. “The ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has been trying to make the JIT – tasked with probing the Panama Leaks – controversial,” Shah said while talking to Daily Express at an Iftar hosted by local trader Muhammad Khan on Saturday. He said two judges in the five-justice bench that heard the Panamagate case had explicitly spoken their minds while the remaining three judges had ordered investigation into the leaks. “The Supreme Court has formed the JIT after close deliberations.” Shah said to make the working of the JIT controversial, a picture of Hussain Nawaz was leaked to the media. “What is there in the picture?” he asked, saying, “All investigations follow same procedure the world over.” PTI warns of public protests in support of JIT, SC “Now, they (the PML-N leadership) seem to be perturbed over the JIT questioning the princes,” the opposition leader said. He said PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and the late Benazir Bhutto had faced accountability and added that they always respected courts. “The main purpose of creating the controversy is to try to compromise the investigation,” Shah said. The opposition leader said: “Some people in the PML-N are hurling direct threats at the Supreme Court while different intimidating methods are being employed against the JIT that are tantamount [Read More…]

Jun 112017

SWABI: The parents of the students arrested in connection with Mashal Khan’s lynching as well as social activists and leaders of the Awami National Party (ANP) have expressed their reservations over the report presented to the Supreme Court by the joint investigation team (JIT) probing into the case. They claim that the coalition government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa  (K-P) used its offices and police “to save their blue-eyed boys” in the probe into the murder of 23-year-old Abdul Wali Khan University (AWKU) Mardan student Mashal, who was beaten up by a mob of students and then shot dead on the campus on April 13 over accusations of committing blasphemy. “In my opinion, the JIT has only focused on the actors and didn’t identify or investigate those who planned and ordered this heinous crime,” ANP Central Vice President Bushra Gohar told The Express Tribune on the phone on Sunday. Gohar said the JIT had not investigated key suspects including the AWKU journalism department chairman, district administration officials and the Mardan DSP who were “clearly seen planning and executing” the attack and instigating the mob. Mardan Lynching: JIT says Mashal’s murder was premeditated “The investigation clearly failed to take into account who was allowed [by the district administration] to hold a rally in support of the killers and who wasn’t allowed to hold a peaceful demonstration by social activists the day after the murder,” she maintained. The ANP leader further said students, AWKU employees and members of different political parties were involved in the attack on Mashal [Read More…]

Jun 102017
A picture that means nothing

Images and pictures have the power to change the course of history. The famous ‘Tank man’ at the Tiananmen Square in China, Che Guevara under captivity, or Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue way before it became a party symbol in the modern culture reflect a deeper underlying message of resistance. In a way, a simple picture can prove to be a potent political statement against the status quo, resonating with billions of people around the world. Perhaps that was the intention of whoever leaked the recent picture of Hussain Nawaz siting on a chair in front of the JIT — to ignite a storm of emotions that eventually would translate into a movement either wrapping up the entire JIT together with the Panama case, or embarrassing the prime minister’s family and settling scores. Unfortunately, the picture of prime minister’s son however way one may like to twist it falls short on delivering anything for either of the parties. For one, the picture is meaningless in terms of the power of its content. Without the additional spins to the picture that both sides are working overtime to orchestrate, it proves nothing beyond the fact that a prime minister’s son is sitting on a chair responding to the JIT’s questions. Second, the picture doesn’t give a clear verdict. It fails to establish the good versus evil, or the weak against status quo in its depiction. The prime minister’s son is as much a symbol of status quo as he is a [Read More…]

Jun 102017

When a senior official of the Supreme Court of Pakistan made that now famous WhatsApp call to the Chairman of the SECP regarding the selection of a certain person for the JIT, little could he know what a profound impact his call would have on the politics of Pakistan. Technology, they say, is the great disruptor. It is also the great divider in many ways. This division is usually characterised by the comfort (or lack of it) that a person has with technology. The comfort in question also revolves around age. The ‘digital aliens’ — those born before the arrival of the internet and the digital age — find themselves at a severe disadvantage compared to the ‘digital natives’ who are born into the digital age. Digital aliens can recall the times when computers had to be learned through proper instruction; when typing was something that professional typists were hired to do and when information was accessed through newspapers and state media only. In those early days the government had — perhaps in a bid to ‘modernise’ its functioning — invested in desktop computers for senior officers. However, while these desktops looked good in offices, their utility was severely restricted. In most cases the computer would be placed on a separate table adjacent to the sahib’s impressive desk. The monitor and the keypad would be lovingly covered by a silver plastic casing and to complete the aesthetic picture, a flower pot would often be placed on top of the bulky [Read More…]

Jun 042017

PESHAWAR: Mashal Khan’s murder was premeditated, the joint investigation team (JIT) – formed to investigate the murder of the 23-year-old university student over blasphemy accusations – has concluded in its findings The JIT, while raising questions about the role of the Abdul Wali Khan University (AWKU) administration and the Mardan police, cleared the charges of blasphemy against Mashal, a student of journalism who was beaten up and then shot dead on the university’s campus by a mob of students on April 13. “From the investigations carried out as of yet, none of the charges of blasphemy levelled against Mashal, Abdullah and Zubair [Mashal’s friends] have been proven to be true,” the report read. AWKU administration, police behind Mashal Khan’s killing, claims father The 308-page report, which comprises eight pages of the 13-member JIT and 300 pages of the police record, read by The Express Tribune, is loaded with confessions, stories of corruption and happenings that led to Mashal’s murder. In its conclusion, the investigation body said Ajmal Mayar, the president of the university employees’ union, during interrogation had confessed that a month before the murder, Sabir Mayar, the head of Pakhtun Students Federation (PSF) and Asad Katlang, an employee of the university, came to his office and told him that they had to “get rid of Mashal” as he was a “threat to the party”. The JIT observed that both Sabir and Asad were at large since the incident took place and it was unclear as to tactics had been deployed to [Read More…]

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