Oct 022017
5 Best Wedding Dance Videos

Like many other wedding functions, a new trend of dance performances on wedding, inspired by Bollywood, has already been evolved in India and now also being adopted by so-called elite class in… For More Details, Please Visit: www.PakistanHotline.com Click for detailed story

Sep 282017
Buy it if you can

The price of tomato in wholesale markets was reduced to Rs100 per kilogram, but retailers are still selling tomatoes for Rs150-200 per kilogram. According to the relevant authorities, customers will soon notice a decline in the price of tomatoes since the government has imported tomatoes in large quantities from India and Iran. However, consumers can only get benefit of this decline in the price when retailers also sell tomatoes at low prices. The relevant authorities must take remedial measures to keep a check on retailers. Mohammad Shumayil (Karachi) Click for detailed story

Sep 262017
Here today, gone tomato

The recent increase in prices of tomatoes has led to countless complaints. The commodity is an essential part of our everyday life and no food is prepared without adding tomatoes. The country has spent billions in importing tomatoes from India. Although the country is an agricultural state and possesses a massive amount of cultivable land, it often fails to fulfil the requirements of its people and has to import the commodities from other countries. Had there been enough cultivation of tomatoes, the country would have been distributing tomatoes to all cities. This may be a result of the poor agricultural reforms whereby local farmers do not get the appropriate benefits for their labour and instead the profit goes to hoarders and usurers. Today, when techniques like hydroculture and hydroponics can improve the yield, it seems implausible that an agricultural country is grappling with a shortage of tomatoes. It is imperative that the farmers of the country should be given incentives along with necessary training to grow tomatoes. Moreover, domestic users should also be encouraged to grow such commodities at the local level. If vegetables of everyday need are grown at the domestic level, the burden on the market can be reduced. In addition, an excessive amount of vegetable can be exported. This will ultimately result in an overall growth in the country’s economy. Adeel Ahmad Sattar (Mansehra) Click for detailed story

Sep 252017

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani diplomat told the UN General Assembly on Monday that India was sponsoring terrorism, as well as funding and arming terrorist organizations, to launch attacks inside Pakistan. “India is churning out operatives of mayhem from its factories of terror,” Tipu Usman, a counselor in the Pakistan mission to the UN, said. He was speaking in response to India’s right of reply to Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi’s tough statement on Saturday. The statement had focused on the grave situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir, and rejected New Delhi’s claim that the disputed state was its “integral part”. Maleeha calls India ‘mother of terrorism’ In his remarks, Usman said that Pakistan had caught Indian operative Kalbushan Yadav red-handed while he was involved in spreading terror and violence across Pakistan, and will surely bring him to justice. Earlier, Indian delegate Paulomi Tripathi had glossed over the issue of Kashmir while speaking at the UN, and instead talked about a photo displayed in the Assembly by Ambassador Lodhi. “No matter how many times you repeat a lie, it does not and cannot hide the truth,” the Pakistani delegate said. “The Indian representative has once again chosen to divert the attention of the international community from the real issue – the real issue of human life, of human eyes, of children and infants blinded forever, of women raped and elderly killed every day by the reign of brutality unleashed by the occupation forces in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The real issue is of Security Council resolutions, [Read More…]

Sep 252017

Posters and advertisements calling for the liberation of Kashmir, Nagaland, Manipur and Tripura from Indian tyranny have popped up in different parts of Geneva. Local transport services such as buses and streetcars plying different routes of the city have been seen carrying ads demanding an end to Indian occupation and atrocities in these areas. In Geneva, posters of Baloch terror group draw ire of Pakistani envoy Geneva is home to one of the four main UN offices and the 36th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council is under way in the Swiss city. Banners in Switzerland calling for the freedom of Tripura Nagaland Manipur & Kashmir on metro busses & trams at the 36th session of UNHRC pic.twitter.com/v4S80VTkTA — PTV News (@PTVNewsOfficial) September 25, 2017 Pakistan and India have been at loggerheads ever since ‘Free Baluchistan’ posters appeared in the Swiss city. Pakistan claims that the posters were placed by the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), a separatist terror group responsible for much bloodshed in Baluchistan. Diplomatic demarche: Pakistan protests use of Swiss soil by BLA terrorists Last week, Swiss Ambassador-designate Thomas Kolly was summoned to the Foreign Office by Additional Secretary for Europe Zaheer Janjua over the public display of anti-Pakistan posters and “an insidious paid campaign against Pakistan” being run by BLA in Switzerland. Swiss authorities, however, informed the Pakistan government that the display of such posters is not a violation of their laws. Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani later censured the Foreign Office, calling for expulsion of the Swiss ambassador [Read More…]

Sep 242017

NEW YORK: Indian sponsorship of terror and aggression against all its neighbours has made the country the “mother of terrorism” in South Asia, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Maleeha Lodhi has said at the United Nations General Assembly while rejecting India’s sweeping allegations about the country’s involvement in terrorist acts. “India has considerable experience in the state sponsorship of terrorism in our region,” she said while responding to Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s speech in which she called Pakistan “the pre-eminent export factory for terror”. In a hard-hitting statement made in exercise of her right of reply, Lodhi denounced Swaraj’s remarks as an “orgy of slander”. “Her comments towards my country betray the hostility that the Indian leadership has towards Pakistan — hostility we have endured for 70 years.” Jammu and Kashmir was not a part of India but a disputed territory and the Indian occupation was illegal, she told the assembly. In angry retort, India calls Pakistan ‘terror factory’ She called for the implementation of relevant Security Council resolutions and for a UN special envoy to be appointed to ensure India’s adherence to its legal obligations, adding that Pakistan was committed to openness and dialogue with India so long as it ended its campaign of subversion. Ambassador Lodhi said India had “sponsored and perpetrated terrorism and aggression against all its neighbours; creating terrorist groups, destabilising and blockading neighbours to do its strategic bidding and sponsoring subversion, sabotage and terrorism in various parts of Pakistan”. “India’s proclivity to violence is also no [Read More…]

Sep 242017

Indian forces martyred three more civilians under the garb of search operation in Uri, Baramulla district of held Kashmir, Express News reported. Indian troops cordoned off the village of Kalgi and began searching the houses there. Indian forces claimed that they were fired upon, and while responding, they gunned down three people. Grenade attack on minister kills three in India-occupied Kashmir They went on to add that the three people were foreigners and that the forces had been searching the area on a tip-off. Indian security forces often open fire at civilians under the garb of search operations in held Kashmir. Pakistan has been urging international community, the United Nations and human rights organisations to bring the state terrorism in Kashmir to a halt. The post Indian forces martyr three more Kashmiris during search operation appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Sep 232017
Protection of children

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of 2012 has guidelines to deal with the cases of child abuse. But a lot of such cases are settled quietly. This is extremely dangerous. When a case of child abuse is reported, hardly any support is offered to the child and the family to get their lives back on track. When children take the extremely difficult step of reporting abuse we need to ensure they are properly supported and get the help they need. The urgent need of the hour is the enactment of laws which give stringent punishment for the perpetrators of the crime against children. The police should not be the only agency that deals with children who have been abused. There should be a team of specialised child psychiatrists and other child care professionals who can ensure continued support to the child. Vinod C Dixit Ahmedabad, India Click for detailed story

Sep 232017
At the UN

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s speech at the UN General Assembly session was balanced and comprehensive. He covered all important issues – from the Afghan policy to the Kashmir issue. He also highlighted the plight of the Rohingya. The best thing about his speech was that he candidly declared, without mentioning any country, that Pakistan will not become a scapegoat for any one for the abject failure in Afghanistan. On the other, while talking about the Kashmir issue, he did not mince words and clearly stated that India has been committing human rights violation in the valley while simultaneously carrying out unprovoked firing at the border to antagonise Pakistan . The PM’s interview with CNN also went pretty great. It is quite evident that with more exposure and experience, our PM can turn into a good leader. Since he is a well-educated and seasoned parliamentarian, he must use his own judgment to tackle difficult national issues. It is hoped that the PM will serve his country to the best of his ability. Zaheer Ahmed Islamabad   ***** The prime minister must be applauded for raising the Kashmir issue at the UN General Assembly session. This serious issue needs to be highlighted at every international forum. India’s continuous atrocities and unprovoked firing have aggravated the situation in the Valley. The recent unprovoked shelling on working boundary resulted in the killing of innocent civilians including women and children. This unforgivable violence calls for constitutional measures by the world’s human rights and peacekeeping [Read More…]

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