Aug 292017
EOBI pensioners

EOBI pensioners are leading a difficult life with a monthly pension of Rs5250. The relevant authorities have not increased the amount of pension for the last over two years. The concerned authorities are requested to look into the matter and declare an increase in pension amount and give relief to these people. Sher Qadar (Islamabad) Click for detailed story

Jun 122017
EOBI pensioners

It is sad that the government has conveniently ignored the problems faced by EOBI pensioners. The recently announced budget for the year 2017-18 needs no further explanation. It is disappointing that the higher authorities paid no attention to the pleas of the pensioners who in their prime time contribute a lot to the country’s economy. Why is the government not considering increasing their pension? These pensioners are senior citizens of the country. Because of their old age, they are facing a lot of health issues. It is unfortunate that these pensioners do not receive any medical allowance from the government. A large chunk of their pension is spent on medical bills. Nowadays, all essential commodities are being sold at high prices. The rising inflation has affected the purchasing power of many. Under these circumstances, the pension amount of Rs5,250 is insufficient. Aren’t these people worthy enough to receive a decent amount of pension so that they may live their old age peacefully? The concerned authorities should look into this matter. Maryam Jawaid Karachi Click for detailed story

Jan 112017
Out of pension

One wonders at the wisdom behind the decision to shift EOBI pensions’ payment to Bank Alfalah. The bank is creating a lot of problems for pensioners. After multiple visits to the bank, one was finally able to get the new Alfalah EOBI card. However, even on January 10, no pension was credited into the cardholder’s account. All helpline of the bank were busy and nobody was available for guidance. This is the worst example of customer care service. Is there anyone to look into the matter? Naseer Akhter Lahore Click for detailed story

Jan 032017
Adding to the misery

Since the payment of EOBI pensions is shifted to Alfalah Bank from the NBP, the smooth withdrawal of pension has been severely disrupted. Pensioners are facing problems while recovering the amount withheld by the bank during the transition period. The concerned authorities are requested to announce the payment of the arrears withheld during the above-mentioned period and take the country’s senior citizens out of their miseries. Iffat Farhana Karachi Click for detailed story

Aug 302016

ISLAMABAD: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was informed on Tuesday that sacked staffers of the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) had fled with vehicles worth Rs480 million. The revelations were made during the PAC meeting with Khusheed Shah in the chair. The PAC chairman directed the authorities to recover the vehicles and submit a report. EOBI had purchased vehicles worth Rs480 million and given them to the newly appointed officials on loan. The Supreme Court, however, declared the appointments illegal and subsequently the officers were dismissed along with the vehicles. EOBI Chairman Sualeh Faruqui said the vehicles had been given to the employees on loan under an initiative of the then board of governors to improve recovery of the EOBI “that no doubt improved in that particular year”. The chairman said the EOBI had assets of Rs300 billion but its resources were depleting due to a rising number of pensioners. “The EOBI can survive till 2027 under the prevailing situation,” he added. He said former EOBI chairman Zafar Gondal, financial adviser, financial officer, former director general and other staffers were either behind bars or under investigation in the case regarding the purchase of 18 properties at exorbitant prices. The EOBI had spent Rs34 billion on scandalous purchases. The EOBI chairman said after the 18th Amendment, subjects of welfare of labour and old-age pension, etc., had been deleted from the concurrent list. Giving reasoning of fewer recoveries from the employers, the chairman said the EOBI Act requires actuarial valuation of the EOBI [Read More…]

Jun 052016

MINGORA: The leaders of Swat Ittefaq Labour Union lashed out at factory owners in the district and officials of the labour department. As per the union members, their demands to make them permanent employees and issue Employees Old Benefit Institution (EOBI) cards have been swept under the carpet by the relevant authorities. “Swat has over 50 factories where plastic, cosmetics and silk is manufactured by more than 1,800 labourers,” Swat Ittefaq Labour Union General Secretary Zainul Abideen said at a news conference at Swat Press Club on Sunday. “Of the total labourers, 80% are working on a daily wage of Rs300. Although they have completed their probation period of three months, they have yet to be made permanent employees.” Living standards: ‘Workers need a living wage, not minimum wage’ He added the government has implemented proper laws regarding the rights of labourers. “However, nothing has been done in practice for them,” he said. “The owner of one of the factories has usurped the rights of labourers. Factory workers are in dire need of the government’s attention and support to solve their issues.” Falling on deaf ears Also present on the occasion, Swat Ittefaq Labour Union President Abdul Wadood said, “The factory owners use employees of the factories for their own benefit and do not do anything when it comes to their [the latter’s] rights.” Report launch: ‘Textile sector pays less than minimum wage’ He added the factory owners have colluded with the labour department officials that has led to labourers facing [Read More…]

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