Dec 212017
Free Chinese Language Course

Learn Chinese language free as a free course is offered in Punjab, Pakistan. Nearly 1.2 billion people speak some form of the Chinese language and more and more people are learning this language as… For More Details, Please Visit: Click for detailed story

Nov 272017
Chinese journalists hail CPEC progress in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Visiting Chinese journalists and communication experts have applauded the pace of progress under multi-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and urged the two countries to engage… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Click for detailed story

Oct 222017
Elections 2018

After listening to a lot of analysts, it looks like the largest political party in the country is about to either break or be broken, whichever way one may choose to look at it. This will no doubt make a lot of people happy. It would have been good, if the people who voted various parties into the assemblies in the last elections had the chance to give those same parties their verdict at the next election as and when it takes place. But the party that got the largest number of votes and seats in parliament may no longer exist in anything like its present shape at the next election. A lot of people surely hope for that. Never mind the fact that recent judicio-political developments already mean that Pakistan’s proud track record of no elected leader having completed full term in office remains at one hundred percent. But should the likes and dislikes of a small number of people be enough to override the choices made by Pakistan’s voters, whatever anyone may think of their choices? One can only hope that the day will come when the country’s voters truly become the arbiters of who really governs them. Sher Ali Khan (Mardan) ***** The federal government and the National Assembly seem to have entered an era of impasse from which we need to extricate ourselves at the earliest. Issues of governance and foreign policy are being handled on ad hoc basis with more focus on deliberations as to [Read More…]

Oct 202017

ISLAMABAD: The investment of trillions of rupees in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)- affiliated projects will bring prosperity to Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK), Raja Nisar Ahmed Khan, the acting Prime Minister of AJK, said on Friday. The economic development in AJK was the aim of the incumbent government while moral and diplomatic struggle for the innocent Kashmiris living under the Indian occupation would continue until their liberation, Raja Nisar told Radio Pakistan. ‘AJK focusing on quality education’ Regarding the Kashmir conflict, the AJK PM said the governments of Pakistan and AJK were making efforts to highlight the issue at the international level. He also urged the Kashmiri youth to highlight the issue through social media. Nisar went on to suggest that China could help provide vocational training to the Kashmiris. “Welfare of people, development, quality education and raising voice for the Kashmir liberation struggle are the priorities of the government,” he said. The post CPEC to bring prosperity to Pakistan, AJK: Raja Nisar appeared first on The Express Tribune. Click for detailed story

Oct 182017
Towards better relations

The friendly relationship between Pakistan and China gained strength when the countries signed the CPEC project. The mega project has caused unrest across the globe. This is because CPEC will strengthen Pakistan’s economy and this is not setting with the country’s enemies. The project will bring many benefits to China and Pakistan. It will help reduce the rate of unemployment in our country since a large number of people will be employed in different projects running under the umbrella of CPEC. However this situation has given birth to an important question: How will the people of both countries communicate with each other on a daily basis? The Pakistani people and the Chinese speak different languages. This may create a communication barrier between them since English isn’t spoken by the majority of both countries. This situation can be tackled if the people of Pakistan learn Chinese to communicate with the guests arriving from China. Many Chinese companies have plans to operate in different areas of Pakistan. As a result many job opportunities will be made available to the people. In order to be a better candidate, one must learn the language. The Chinese want to spread their culture around the globe and have sent their best teachers to teach the language, one should be grateful and grasp this opportunity. The government should also make Chinese a compulsory subject in all education institutions. Ayesha Gigani (Karachi) Click for detailed story

Sep 212017
Saudi Arabia to join CPEC soon: envoy

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Ahmed Al-Malkiy has said that his country will soon join the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and make investment at Gwadar Port… [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] Click for detailed story

Sep 102017
Another milestone

The inauguration of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-4 is another milestone achieved by the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in collaboration with China. China is assisting Pakistan in carrying out energy projects along with other economic ventures. CPEC is the biggest of all joint economic projects. Pakistan is a peaceful country and is utilising its nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and for the welfare of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan is an energy-deficient country and with a rising population of 200 million, its energy requirements are increasing every day. This fourth Chashma nuclear plant in continuation of previous three Chashma plants will add 340MW to the national grid. The other three plants C-1, C-2 and C-3 are working exceptionally well. They are also efficient and reliable source of energy. Pakistan needs more projects to cater growing energy needs. We expect that the government will continue this journey of developmentto give relief and comfort to the people. Nazia Jabeen (Lahore) Click for detailed story

Sep 012017
Eyes wide shut?

Back in 1600, the East India Company was established. The objective of establishing the company was to strengthen the trade between Britain and the Subcontinent. However, the actual purpose was to rule India. The East India Company played a major role in ruining the lives of the people of the Subcontinent. It entered like sugar, but had to be swallowed like venom. It is a grim tale of the 16th century. We are living in the 21st century – a modern era of technology and AI – but unfortunately human minds have evolved little. Hunger, greed and enmity are still serious problems. The CPEC project in the current scenario demands a pragmatic approach uninfluenced by emotions and feelings. What are the advantages and the challenges of the project? Is it going to be an economic or a defence corridor? These questions ought to be answered by the competent authorities. We need to find out how the investment of $54 billion will affect the country’s assets. Is the country keeping anything as mortgage? How is the country planning to pay back the loan taken from China? I am the biggest supporter of CPEC, but not with closed eyes. It is the right of the people to ask questions with regard to the country’s future. The influx of Chinese nationals into our country is alarming. National interests come first and sentiments second. Our generations are not to work as labourers at the sidewalks of the Karakoram highway. It is our land. All [Read More…]

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