Jan 262017
Promotion prospects

Promotion to posts in higher basic pay scale is very common in the government sector. Government employees are promoted to a higher BPS on the basis of seniority, experience, academic qualification etc. The situation is completely opposite in the country’s health sector. Those who stand at the low echelon of the organisations’ hierarchy are rarely promoted. For example, an employee appointed on the BPS-17 remains on the same pay scale. Vacant positions in the country’s health sector take a long time to get filled. The reason is that aspiring candidates are not sure about growth prospects in the sector. This is a serious issue and it should be addressed at the earliest. Promotion shall be made on a regular basis and employees should be selected on the basis of seniority-cum-fitness. If a person is not promoted to a higher post, s/he can be demotivated. Imran Ul Haq Abbottabad Click for detailed story

Jan 132017
Wandering on the platform

He is a technician in Pakistan Railways, labeled ‘running staff’ which includes everyone who runs with the train like driver, guards etc. An A/C technician, the man runs with the train to solve any A/C-related problem. He has a professional diploma, is more educated than the guards and drivers, but does not enjoy the same rights as them. The post of running staff that includes guards, drivers and STE was introduced by the British. They made sure to facilitate them in every way so they fixed duty time from six to eight hours. They provided them with rest rooms, a cook and a fixed mileage allowance. The A/C class was started after 1965 so the post of A/C attendant was also created after that but the officials didn’t give any privileges to them or their family – they do not get passes of A/C cabins and the children of A/C attendants have to sit in economy compartments. They work 36-48 hours continuously without ever retiring to any rest room and spends his time wandering on railway stations, resting on platforms. One wonders if any human rights organisation will take up this issue. If such organisation fights for running staff’s rights, the running staff will at least get the basic necessities – a rest room and tolerable duty package. Pakistan Railways must upgrade them from the BPS 6 scale to BPS 14. – equivalent to guards so that they can also enjoy their duty. Khaled Saleem Lahore Click for detailed story

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