Apr 032017
Pregnant woman attempts suicide after alleged rape by 'influential' tribesman

Police officials in Jhelum Valley district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on Monday, while recording the statement of an under-treatment woman who had attempted to commit suicide, found out that she had been raped last week.The incident happened in the constituency of AJK's Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider.S*, the 25-year-old pregnant mother of one child, was subjected to the crime reportedly at the hands of an influential person from another tribe.The suspect apparently took her to a deserted hut on the outskirts of Chikar on Friday afternoon, one of her relatives and police officials told Dawn on Monday.Chikar is a famous hill resort towards the south-west of Muzaffarabad in the jurisdiction of Jhelum Valley district.The victim, a resident of Khaitar Muradabad village, had gone to see her elder sister in the nearby Kalri village on Friday morning, leaving her four-year-old son behind.When she was about to return in the afternoon, a man, who she later identified as Raja Nayyar, reached there along with two colleagues and forced her to sit in his jeep.When her sister and brother-in-law resisted, they were abused and pushed aside by the accused.The accused Nayyar dropped his colleagues after some distance and then took the victim to a shelter in a deserted part of the jungle, where he subjected her to rape, the victim told the police.“I begged him in the name of God, I even put my chador at his feet, but he said he had already spared me once and he will not [Read More…]

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