May 272017

Loadshedding is one of the major problems in Pakistan. It has taken a toll on the lives of people. The country’s industrial sector has also been affected badly. Besides the hot summer, unscheduled loadshedding has doubled the troubles of people. However, the government and the authorities remain apathetic to people’s sufferings. Although the authorities claim to have tackled the country’s energy crisis, long hours of power outages display a completely opposite picture. In upcoming days, temperature is also likely to remain high. Given that the holy month of Ramazan has started, this persistent problem would create mayhem. Hot temperature and power outages can pose serious problems if not tackled on an urgent basis. The government and the concerned authorities, therefore, must take instant measures to control loadshedding and ensure the availability of electricity during the holy month. Abdul Hafeez Jatoi Hyderabad Click for detailed story

Apr 212017
Raised in hate

Since the inception of the country, many innocent people like Mashal Khan have lost their lives because of growing intolerance in society. It is painful that Mashal was lynched by a violent mob on the basis of unproven blasphemy allegations. Students had no evidence, but they killed a fellow student on allegations based on rumours and hearsay. That an innocent can be brutally killed in an education institution shows that taking one’s life in this country has become easy. When the angry mob was beating Mashal other students were making videos of the incident. These videos were then posted on social media. It shook the entire nation. Islam doesn’t teach us to kill someone or to celebrate someone’s murder. The religion preaches peace and tolerance in society. It seems that no rule of law is practically implemented in our society. The incident also highlighted the fact that social media is not safe. One’s account can either be hacked or someone can create an account pretending to be someone else. In that case, content posted by imposter accounts should be thoroughly investigated. The need of the hour is to deal with the matters relating to the misuse of the blasphemy law. Deep rooted extremism cannot be eliminated without taking strong measures against it. Those involved in the lynching of Mashal Khan should be dealt with accordingly so that such gruesome incidents do not happen again in our country.       Wajahat Abro Shikarpur ***** This refers to the letter, ‘Do not forget what [Read More…]

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