Jun 092017
Expensive Ramazan

Price hikes during Ramazan have become quite common. Every year the country witnesses a 25 to 50 percent increase in the prices of food items, including fruit, vegetable and other common edibles. These price hikes have low impact on the rich, but they affect the middle and poor classes of the country the most. In this way, the month of blessing unfortunately creates a lot of financial burden on the poor. This year witnessed the same story. The government too cannot control the unwanted price hike. Although the government has established Ramazan Bazaars and issued a price list to all vendors, essential commodities, including food items, are still being sold at high prices. The government needs to take immediate action. A few surprise visits will not create much difference. The issue should be deal with in a serious manner by the government and the local district authorities. A proper plan should be chalked out to resolve the issue and provide relief to the people. Abdul Bari Rawalpindi ***** During Ramazan, essential commodities are sold at high prices. It is unfortunate that Pakistan doesn’t follow the example of the countries that offer daily essentials at discounted prices during Ramazan. Although the government promises to keep prices at a tolerable level, the reality is just the opposite. Profiteers generate huge revenue in this month. This year too, price hike has affected the purchasing power of a large number of people. The concerned authorities must take steps to deal with this problem. Maryam [Read More…]

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